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City The Great IDK Lyrics

Last updated: 09/09/2013 05:49:31 AM

4K, flood the streets
Drop the top of your convertible
And let your hair blow out
Check this for the corners
Sexy ain't; no need to hold out
Red cause and holiday go anywhere to show out
Want settle for a secret? This is something they should know bout
Let my heart be a home can never say I sold out
For if they wanna fuck come and get your back blown out
Leave you like a boomerang but guarantee I come back
Intelligence is deep you ain't dealing with no dumb cat
Age or maturity face looking like a young cat
The faces that you're making got me twisted like a...
Sophisticated pass is what you did but I love that
Emotional and weak watch me catch you when you fall at
I ain't hard to reach click locate me like a low jack
Hand to hand we can make a pass when people fall back
I wanna see us reach a pass when people growing old at
Vacate and real orders diamonds in the...
Talk this poetic, can't deny I got these feelings for you
Forget about the losers, can't you see that I'm the realest for ya?
Think it's all a game, stop playing you kill me
We started out with nothing but together we then built to something
I'm not the average type of nigger that you chose to fall in love with
Fresh home a lot of Dobie heavy on that thug shit
Emotions always closed, found your way now I'm open

All bullshit set aside fresher image man you want that
Come for back and forth when you see me where your thoughts at?
Not right to be conceited but he acting like you all that
Need to upgrade and stop fucking with them smoke ass
Call my name baby let me find you where your boss at
Passion on the red we both stunting girl you know that
Face inside your pillow put your back in every throw down
Lord she is life now I'm victim with the hoes at
Gotta understand women flirting can't control that
Tow seat at Vegas Jackpot City own that
If I were a millionaire on you no doubt I go sat
Head out the limo sunroof I hit a home at
Your girlfriend's mad cause you're sitting with a...
Getting house smacks and house rides with a city view
Savage radio, choose anything to listen to
Something more revealing yeah that's something you should slip into

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