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BORN: February 14, 1959

Ice T not only invented gangster rap, he has lived it. His
is the face of LA Hip-Hop. Through his music, his book (The
Ice Opinion; St. Martin's Press), and his lecture tours of
America's prisons, high schools, and colleges (including
Harvard, Berkeley, and Stanford), Ice T has become an
influential spokesman for America's youth, regardless of
color. Born in New Jersey, Ice learned the art of survival
pretty fast. An only child whose parents died when he was
very young, Ice became involved in Los Angeles gangs More...

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Review about Ice-T songs
South central Los Angeles | Reviewer: Chingon L.A
    ------ About the song Colors performed by Ice-T

I was born & raised in the ghetto The movie colors is Based on a true story. Life of a. G in L A I can relate to this song that's why I know all the lyrics. When the cops stop me all I think is. Why pacman on me for plus it was filmed in my hood. Cuz or blood it just don't matter when my shotgun scatters so true.

    ------ About the song Colors performed by Ice-T

Everyone knows that gangs are real, and we all are aware that life style is no joke. But some people should just get a badge bexause they are campaining for the prison system, and the undertaker. True OG'S let their loves one know the otherside of banging and let the youth know its more to life than bullshit. Even ice T himself said he never did bang he just understand the gang life style. Also keep in mine Ice T was doing what he get paid for. Sang a song that promote a movie that motative the weak to feel strong instead of wrong about the dum shit. Even David Duke ( the leader of the KKK gave thanks to the gangs yet they still can't see.

'dope' (but a lot better for the brain than real dope). | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Straight Up Nigga performed by Ice-T

'Snoop' (shit, lyrically-inane rapper compared to Ice-T) you obviously fail to HEAR the lyrics and delivery. Get a clue, this is one of the better, most intelligent and progressively-speaking rappers out there. He just puts it in his own strong, truthful language, not flowery bullshit like your TV does - except your TV doesn't speak the truth in the first place, either.

What the other guy said, too.

COLORS | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Colors performed by Ice-T

this song is relating to something he has been throw life, wut hes trying to say is he wish he has a choice of being in a gang but he had no choice or else he would die, he wish he could have lived a normal life like everyone cause all he has been doing is protecting himself from danger

Whatever. Just go back and listen to Nazareth. | Reviewer: NOT over 40 and white
    ------ About the song Straight Up Nigga performed by Ice-T

These lyrics aren't offensive -- they're an early 90's hip-hop version of James Brown's "I'm Black and I'm Proud."

These lyrics are humorous, political and encouraging. They defuse the power of the word "nigger." Ice-T is just expressing his pride in being black.

COLORZ CRIP IZ DA LIFE | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Colors performed by Ice-T

Diz song so damn filty man it talks bout life crip an blood ima crips shouldn't be killan crips like crip mafia got beef wit crip hoover an shit we shouldn't be fighten eachother we should have beef wit da bloodz deucez an crip out.

disgusting | Reviewer: Snoop
    ------ About the song Straight Up Nigga performed by Ice-T

This song is a disgrace and it it makes me sick to read the vulgarity of his work that is so apparent in this song. I dont know how he got so famous. People that listened to his crap like this are really lost in what their goals in life are. This song means nothing besides being arrogant and vulgar...

Ice puts the TRUTH out there!! | Reviewer: Anthony "Tuc-9" Tucker
    ------ About the song Rap Is Fake performed by Ice-T

Ice,being bombarded,by accusations,of being involved in organized crime,and basically,doing all the things,that he raps about,says to a reporter:"WHAT,are you talkin about?!? That's nonsense..I make RECORDS,T.V.shows,and make MOVIES!!In other words:"I'm a damn PERFORMER!! "NONE,of the drama,we rappers,rap about,is to be taken as true accounts,of our lives!!"It's ENTERTAINMENT!!" This skit,should be REQUIRED,listening,for all young rap fans!!! EXCELLENT,point made here,by the Iceman!! 20 stars!!

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Race War performed by Ice-T

What a bunch of typical,self indulged, bullshit. Still making a killing by tellin the people how bad whitey sucks while all the time layng in bed with him. Whose the racist, Ass T?

Awesome and hilarious! | Reviewer: brian
    ------ About the song Girls L.G.B.N.A.F. performed by Ice-T

Ice-T rules! The song is hilarious. Why did this kind of rap dissapear?

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