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Il Divo were formed after a worldwide search, which took
more than two years.

Currently living in London, the band have recently
completed a long stretch of rehersals and recording
sessions and are now set to release their debut single
Regressa Mi. The song is a cover version of Toni Braxton's
Unbreak My Heart and was recently performed live on TV's
prestigious Parkinson show. Their debut album is due to be
released on November 1st 2004.

Deemed to be the first ever 'opera boy band', Il Divo have
it all; talent that even Simon More...

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Submit Il Divo New Lyrics

Review about Il Divo songs
It's inspirational | Reviewer: Mary-ann
    ------ About the song I Believe In You (Duet with Celine Dion) performed by Il Divo

I believe in you.this song made me to believe in myself that i can do anything that seems impossible for me to gives me courage to carry on and get to the place of my expectation

Am i listenin' to angels voices? | Reviewer: Adeboye Bennard
    ------ About the song I Believe In You (Duet with Celine Dion) performed by Il Divo

I must praise Simon Cowell for bringin' together these great n wonderful guys ''IL DIVO''...they're amazin'...n for my female idol ''Celine Dion'', she's always at her best anytime anyday...when i first listened to this great track...i was moved n i felt i was in heaven listenin' to angels' voices...i love the track n i can do anythin' in God through the great track..nothin' is impossible...KUDOS TO IL DIVO & CELINE DION...LOVE U lookin' forward to meetin' u guys someday.

13-02-2014 | Reviewer: Eve
    ------ About the song I Believe In You (Duet with Celine Dion) performed by Il Divo

So soft.
They sang that song and i sank.
When i listen at this song i got my strength and my dare back. At least i'm n0t afraid in facing all of my trouble in my life. I love this s0ng.

The best song ever! It brought me closer to... | Reviewer: Rets'epile Setleli
    ------ About the song I Believe In You (Duet with Celine Dion) performed by Il Divo

Its one of the best duet i have ever listened to and i give all the gredit to Il divo and Celine Dion. What a classical melody...reminds me of the guy um currently dating, bless him!

Romantic and Breathtaking. | Reviewer: Wayne Burbage
    ------ About the song Passera performed by Il Divo

I saw them in Concert in 2004 with my love in Portland Oregon. I loved the boys and their backup orchestra. I will never forget it.
Passerra is my favorite song I sing closest to Sebastien. I met him He is a Nice guy.Each time I hear their music I am on a mountain top.

In Memory of my Mother | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Mama performed by Il Divo

Tomorrow, Sunday November 24, 2013 will be a month since my dear Mom passed away. I had been up all night trying to put pen to paper for her eulogy, but my river of tears prevented me from doing so, I just could not do it, no matter how hard I tried. When I heard "Mama" seven years ago, I cried a river then too and it was at that moment that I made a decision that when my Mom passed away, this was the song that would be dedicated to her. The song was played in Church in lieu of a eulogy as the words said it all. Since my Mom's passing, I play this song every day, a few times a day. I miss her so much my heart aches. Thank you Il Divo for this absolutely beautiful, beautiful song.

In Memory of my Mum | Reviewer: sue
    ------ About the song Mama performed by Il Divo

It will be a year tomorrow that I lost my Mum and my Best Friend she was the world to me. I had this song played at her funeral as we carried the coffin. Thank you Il Divo for saying everything for me that day I wanted to say to my Mum. Irene Hudson now with my Dad James

every time i hear to this song, i find my strength | Reviewer: Azizah Rasyid
    ------ About the song I Believe In You (Duet with Celine Dion) performed by Il Divo

i was hopeless, i don't know what must supposed to do when the problems came like rain. and when i heard this song it felt like there's someone out there believed that i could through this. no mater how hard it is.
Thank you :)
God Bless You Guys.

I Believe In You | Reviewer: Carmelina Burgas
    ------ About the song I Believe In You (Duet with Celine Dion) performed by Il Divo

First of all I love the singer specially Celine Dion for she is my idol
Now I love this song a lot I mean so much my insperation to myself. When I first heard this song on the radio I make my phone ready for recording so I did not sleep or do anything until the DJ play it again so I can record it. I've got it recorded then I played it over and over again while my tears fall down to my cheeks; I remember my husband he died of murder that he is going to a restless road of no turning back. This song reminds me of my whole life the lyrics is so true although the french I don't understand but I can feel the beauty of the song. So I save this song for my future for I loved this song to death. Now I considered myself an angel of darkness. Hope to have more songs from Il Divo Good Luck.


Listen to the original! | Reviewer: Elaine
    ------ About the song Passera performed by Il Divo

It annoys me that everyone says this is Il Divos's song - it was originally sung (and written) by Aleandro Baldi and won the San Remo song festival in 1994. Il Divo's version lacks the passion and power of the original.

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