Imogen Heap Albums

  • Sparks Album (8/18/2014)
    You Know Where To Find Me
    The Listening Chair
    Cycle Song
    Neglected Space
    Minds Without Fear
    Me The Machine
    Climb To Sakteng
    The Beast
    Xizi She Knows
    Propeller Seeds

  • Heapsongs Album (7/1/2012)
    Minds Without Fear
    Neglected Space
    Propeller Seeds
    Xizi She Knows
    You Know Where To Find Me

  • Ellipse Album (8/25/2009)
    First Train Home
    Wait It Out
    Little Bird
    Between Sheets
    Bad Body Double
    Half Life

  • Speak For Yourself Album (7/18/2005)
    Goodnight And Go
    Have You Got It In You?
    Loose Ends
    Hide And Seek
    Clear The Area
    Daylight Robbery
    The Walk
    Just For Now
    I Am In Love With You
    Closing In
    The Moment I Said It

  • I Megaphone Album (6/16/1998)

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    Reviews about Imogen Heap albums

    wow !!!!! | Reviewer: iyadchbiah (lattakia/syria)
        ------ About the album Ellipse performed by Imogen Heap

    WOW..!!! OMG ,, This track is apsolutely mind blowing ..i mean the music backround , the little voives , the lyrics .. all amazing ..
    to me it's a total package

    how come this artist didn't make it to the grammy awards ??!!!

    with a track like (the moment i said it) & ( hide & seek) from her previous album & now ( wait it out) & (canvas) & ( half life) from new brand new album should atleast get a grammy award..

    too bad for those who didn't listen to her music so far

    i recommend you guys to go & buy her albums

    u'll love it if you're a fan of freakness & awkwardness music (non-usual)

    Speak For Yourself Review | Reviewer: Erin
        ------ About the album Speak For Yourself performed by Imogen Heap

    Omg! This CD was sooo good! It's my new favorite. I love Imogen Heap, her music is so different from eveything else. She's got great lyrics too! I rate this CD a ***** five star!

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