Iron Maiden Albums

  • The Final Frontier Album (8/13/2010)
    Satellite 15... The Final Frontier
    El Dorado
    Mother Of Mercy
    Coming Home
    The Alchemist
    Isle Of Avalon
    The Talisman
    The Man Who Would Be King
    When The Wild Wind Blows

  • A Matter of Life and Death Album (8/28/2006)
    Different World
    These Colours Don't Run
    Brighter Than a Thousand Suns
    The Pilgrim
    The Longest Day
    Out of the Shadows
    The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg
    For The Greater Good of God
    Lord of Light
    The Legacy

  • Death on the Road Album (8/29/2005)
    CD 1
    Wildest Dreams
    Can I Play With Madness
    The Trooper
    Dance Of Death
    Brave New World
    Lord of the Flies
    CD 2
    No More Lies
    Hallowed Be Thy Name
    Fear Of The Dark
    Iron Maiden
    The Number of the Beast
    Run to the Hills

  • Dance of Death Album (8/31/2003)
    Wildest Dreams
    No More Lies
    Dance Of Death
    Gates Of Tomorrow
    New Frontier
    Face In The Sand
    Age Of Innocence

  • Edward The Great: Greatest Hits Album (4/25/2002)
  • Rock In Rio Album (4/25/2002)
  • Brave New World Album (5/30/2000)
  • Ed Hunter Album (9/21/1999)
  • Killers Album (9/22/1998)
  • Number of the Beat Album (9/22/1998)
  • Iron Maiden Album (9/22/1998)
  • Piece Of Mind Album (9/22/1998)
  • Seventh Son of a Seventh Son Album (9/22/1998)
  • Fear Of the Dark Album (9/22/1998)
  • Somewhere In Time Album (9/22/1998)
  • No Prayer For the Dying Album (9/22/1998)
  • Powerslave Album (9/22/1998)
  • Virtual XI Album (3/24/1998)
  • Best Of the Beast Album (3/22/1996)
  • Virus Album (3/22/1996)
  • The X-Factor Album (10/10/1995)
  • A Real Live/Dead One Album (9/1/1993)
  • A Real Live One Album (3/22/1993)
  • A Real Dead One Album (3/22/1993)
  • Live At Donington Album (3/22/1993)
  • Can I Play With Madness Album (4/25/1988)
  • Live After Death Album (4/25/1985)

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    Reviews about Iron Maiden albums
    still love this album after 30 years | Reviewer: Justin Pope
        ------ About the album Iron Maiden performed by Iron Maiden

    Been listening to the Irons off and on for 30 years now. A stranger made a comment about a t-shirt I was wearing the other day (differnt band) then randomly asked if I liked Iron Maiden. Fuck yeah!! was all I could think of at the time. so I got out the CDs again and once again have been revisiting the old songs I love from way back and recalling the memories. When played this album today I think my wife heard it differently. Always one of my favourite albums and I totally agree with Lucas about the first song. My wife has been running around today like a teenager mimicking the first song intro over and over with a grin on her face and asking why she hadn't heard this before (she had).
    The point is that if a song and an album can get someone close to 40 years after it was written with that kind of impact it is TIMELESS. These guys are legendary.One of the true Pioneers and Gods of Metal. I give this album a big fucking 10 out of 10.I gave it a 10 because I rated it as a first album. Were they serious?Like how the fuck did they pull that off?? No wonder they are still here!! Up The Irons!!

    Review | Reviewer: Insignia Reviews
        ------ About the album Iron Maiden performed by Iron Maiden

    Iron Maiden isn't a perfect album, but then, how many perfect debut albums are there of any genre. What the record does with ease is demonstrate the vast potential of this yet untried band with their nascent virtuosity still yet to fully evolve.
    Nathan - 8.5/10
    Bunsle - Could be a little bit better with production, as to the rest of the chronology. Love it and is very strong and has stood the test of time. 9/10.

    Best Album for me....listening since 12 years | Reviewer: Faisal
        ------ About the album The X-Factor performed by Iron Maiden

    This album have extremely a new stuff never before invented by any metal artist. each and every song have different ups and lows, like changing of tunes and rhythms. some are slow and have low pitch and other got high spectacular guitar work. all songs are amazing from 1st to last. if you listen this album for 3-4 times continuously, you will find yourself into different environment. Also the music overall doesn't remain same in all the songs, they keep on changing.

    maiden rocks | Reviewer: don
        ------ About the album Seventh Son of a Seventh Son performed by Iron Maiden

    this was the first maiden album i purchased back in the late 80's early 90's. not a bad song on thios album. best song a enjoy listening to is "can i play with madness." love the video too. keep on rockin maiden.

    This album's a killer! | Reviewer: ill-leech
        ------ About the album Killers performed by Iron Maiden

    Album's too underrated that I've not enough words how to express it! The music is fast and smart; Dianno sings like a devil, and neither Bruce nor Blaze outdid him in singing pieces from this album! Guys, I hope one day you overgrow Bruce-dependence and realize that Iron Maiden existed in times without him...

    COOL | Reviewer: ill-leech
        ------ About the album The X-Factor performed by Iron Maiden

    This album is one of my favorites. Depressive, dark and brooding lyrics fits Blaze's low voice and melodic brilliant solos. Almost all songs are slow making the atmosphere of the album very special and unforgettable.

    To Lucas Madigan. | Reviewer: Joshua.
        ------ About the album Seventh Son of a Seventh Son performed by Iron Maiden

    Somewhere in Time was not a disapointment, yeah they didn't have all Great Songs... But still was a nice Album (Synthesizers where a good choice).
    Wasted Years, Caught Somewhere in Time, The Loneliness of the long distance runner, Heaven can wait, DeJa-Va are pretty damn good...
    The Songs weren't as catchy as their previous work, and the Vocals did get a bit annoying... But theres something that makes you want to go back and listen to them...

    Great album! | Reviewer: UP THE IRONS!
        ------ About the album Somewhere In Time performed by Iron Maiden

    I think it's totally wrong to say that this song is the weakest... There are lots of claissics here (maybe not like The Trooper, The Number of the Beast, but cliassics anyways!) like Wasted Years, Caught Somewhere In Time, The Loneliness Of..., Alexander The Great and Heaven can Wait... actually I think there aren't many albums that got so many good songs... If you like Maiden you have to listen to the songs I listed!

    hard and rockin/always | Reviewer: teresa davies
        ------ About the album Dance of Death performed by Iron Maiden

    iron maiden are a truely fast and hard rocking to the maximem band. i'v known about them from around the 80's and what a great band they are. the first four albums.iron maiden fame.the number of the beast.killers.piece of mind.for great albums and they still got better and even faster.some where in time and no prayer for the rocking from this day on.well what else can i say.about dance of death not as good as some of the others.

    Fucking rules! | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Virtual XI performed by Iron Maiden

    Fuck all of you who say this Album sucks, its one of the best!
    The Songs are amazing, and addictive... Even though Blaze repeats alot of the words over and over.
    I love his voice, its really good... And a nice change from Bruces.
    Its alot easier to understand then Bruces, but I still prefer Bruces.

    The Clansman.
    Dont look to the Eyes of a Stranger.
    Lightning Strikes Twice.

    Are my favourites.

    Iron Maiden never make any shit Albums, so shut up!

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