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Formed in London, England, in 1976, Iron Maiden was from
the start the brainchild of Steve Harris (b. 12 March 1957,
Leytonstone, London, England; bass), formerly a member of
pub rockers Smiler. Named after a medieval torture device,
the music was suitably heavy and hard on the senses.

The heavy metal scene of the late 70s was widely regarded
as stagnant, with only a handful of bands proving their
ability to survive and produce music of quality. It was at
this time that a new breed of young British bands began to
emerge. This More...

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Review about Iron Maiden songs
my review | Reviewer: Derek
    ------ About the song The Number of the Beast performed by Iron Maiden

the number of the beast is an awesome song by iron maiden and these lyrics are well written and almost perfect but it's lord not law apart from that perfect

MOTHER RUSSIA LYRICS - IRON MAIDEN | Reviewer: Victor the Russian
    ------ About the song Mother Russia performed by Iron Maiden

Seriously, my fine guys and girls.
I'd dig it better if the song was about one of our Russian funky steel alloys factories. In that case - that would be a 100500% match. Right now I have a feeling that you perceive the total population of us as a horde of iron clad dwarves, Tolkien style. Or even Pratchet style... :rofl:

The music itself - a plain greatness of Rock. I'd just wished that the lyrics were a tad more meaningful.

My favourite Iron Maiden song from one of my all time favourite albums! | Reviewer: Dan Peter
    ------ About the song Strange World performed by Iron Maiden

I think the song first describes an oppressive world full of sadness and then later explores the more ideal spiritual utopia full of happiness, beautiful women and everlasting life

Unrecognized Classic | Reviewer: Peter Masone
    ------ About the song Prodigal Son performed by Iron Maiden

Classic Steve Harris intellectual lyrics inspired by his voracious appetite for reading. Based on the mythology of Lamia and possibly a slight touch on the story of Luke. Lamia often likened to the succubus and linked with stories of sorcery.

This is heartfelt, evoking deep feeling tones rooted with the Harris bass leading the way but breaking tradition by filling the rhythm with acoustic guitars. Building crescendo but never quite reaching with lite touch pulling back on the reins before the beast rumbles forth contrary to the songs name it a sparing, melodic but forceful and full.

Like a lost book of poems this classic survives the times, crosses genres with a touching warmth and inspires intellect.

There's no Maiden without sense of humour | Reviewer: Kliop
    ------ About the song The Number of the Beast performed by Iron Maiden


This song is about a NIGHTMARE Steve Harris had after watching horror movies.

Then he wakes up and he can't understand if what he saw was real or fantasy. That is what happens to us all after nightmares. Read the lyrics please.

"What did I see?
Can I believe?
That what I saw that night was real and not just fantasy"

Have you ever see the videoclip? Even the guys couldn't help but having a LAUGH with all of this. You don't have sense of humour.

Up the Irons. And Iron Maiden is gonna get you no matter how far.


Blood Brothers!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Blood Brothers performed by Iron Maiden

I can't say enough just how much I love this song. It was actually this song that sparked a very close friendship with a girl at my school. (To make a long story short, I just told her that I was playing this song on the piano and she told me that she liked Iron Maiden too, who of course are my all-time band so I just thought that was so special that we had that in common!) I especially love the last guitar solo, where Gers gets all emotional with his guitar. It's so heartwarming yet it brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. UP THE IRONS FROM CANADA!!! :D

'Maid-en' New Mexico! (the history, that is) | Reviewer: Groove-Hound
    ------ About the song Brighter Than a Thousand Suns performed by Iron Maiden

Glad to see that Maiden continue to do what they do best, be world-beaters at hard-rock / heavy metal whilst not having to dumb-down the lyrics or vocal delivery. Limp Bizkit fans, take note (like you'd get many stumbling in here... but feel free).
That reminds me to buy the remaining Iron Maiden back catalogue that I haven't yet got. They deserve to have the cash!

You seriously don't understand the meaning of the lyrics!!!! | Reviewer: I_am_you
    ------ About the song The Number of the Beast performed by Iron Maiden

This is NOT a satanic song nor a anti-government nor a sex song! This is, just like many Iron Maiden songs, a song based in a story which, in this case, happens to be mythological...
It's not meant to offend any type of religion nor belief...
And most important thing is that this song contains very well written lyrics which just because some people misinterpret it (the lyrics, not the song), becomes (kind of) underrated...
By the way, the music is very good and so are the lyrics and this is, indeed, a MASTERPIECE.

The Power to Foresee | Reviewer: KwizatzHaderach.
    ------ About the song To Tame a Land performed by Iron Maiden

You're all idiots, ...if you know anything upon researching this topic, it goes much deeper than a book or movie. The underlying theme is about a savior that has hermetic powers to make possible, ANYTHING ! These beliefs and powers are from the ancient eastern philosophies, ...the ancient mystical rules of Hermetics and the Qabalah. Get a clue or shut the fuck up you non-educated rockheads tryoing to act smart. All you did was make yourselves look ridiculously fucking stupid, except erm, you seem to somewhat get it. READ MY ANSWER AND LOOK UP HERMETICS AND YOU WILL AWAKEN !! HOPEFULLY !!

Iron Maiden | Reviewer: Preliator
    ------ About the song To Tame a Land performed by Iron Maiden

To tame a land, is another example of Iron Maiden's excellence vocally and musically and one of my top 10 favourite songs of theirs.
The execution of the music in sync perfectly with the amaizing vocals is what makes this song a classic and sets it apart from (some) other Iron Maiden songs.
The lyrics to me are a clever play on words in which I'm certain Steve Harris uses to make comparison to actual events and belief systems. ;) but yeah, let's not over analyse ;p

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