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Human Sacrifice Club It's Hard To Speak Lyrics

Last updated: 09/07/2013 07:22:22 AM

I'm tangled in words which have not yet been spoken,
My bruises are opaque but my wounds are open.
So bandage me up then push me out to sea,
Or just knock me out cause this suspense is killing me.

Tie me to the bed lather me in serenity.
I'll dig my grave then just bathe in simplicity.

I was planning on being discreet,
Until i discovered this city was nothing more,
than buildings and concrete.
So i burnt it all down

On hospital soil I'm basking in turmoil,
I'm here choking on dialect.
Just calm down lets talk, Man I threw in the towel.
Cause its hard to speak equipped with only consonants and vowels.

Burn it all down

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