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He’s the ethereal voice, songwriting powerhouse and
full-contact keyboardist behind Something Corporate, the
piano-rock quintet praised by one critic for its
“combination of intelligent lyrics, infectious melodies and
killer piano.” Now Andrew McMahon is taking something of a
spring break from the band with which he’s practically
lived for the last four years in order to offer up an
angst-flavored side project. In the guise of Jack’s
Mannequin comes Everything in Transit (release date:
8/23/05 on Maverick Records), a highly personal More...

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Reviews about Jack's Mannequin songs

Everyone has that one love | Reviewer: gracie beach
    ------ About the song Bruised performed by Jack's Mannequin

I met this guy, a friend of my friend, after a few months we got together and I fell head over heals, I was so happy, the nights we'd spend curled up in bed just sleeping next to each other, Until one day I found out he had been sleeping with another girl, and inevitably it ended. This song just brings it all up to the surface.

my story and interpretation | Reviewer: random guy
    ------ About the song Bruised performed by Jack's Mannequin

i guess i have a story just like everybody else has on here. i loved a girl with all my heart. she left me for another guy. literally made me feel worse than i ever have before. i'm in college and work full time so my grades dropped and my work ethic became horrible. my attitude toward everything was a "who cares" attitude. it lasted like that for about 3 months before my own mom called me an asshole and it made me realize that acting like that wasn't going to bring her back. but soon, she was calling me and begging for me back. i wish i could have gotten back together with her but it would have never worked out. she hurt me pretty bad and on top of that, my family was very against me letting her back into my heart. i still love her but i guess when somebody hurts you bad enough, you realize that they can't fix it and the only way you can be fixed is if you try other people. the song is just a big metaphor for me. she left me (got on a plane) and i wasn't able to get on the plane. she begged for me back which makes me think of the part where he says "hours past and she still counts the minutes that i am not there" and me not allowing her to be back in my life but still allowing the break up to kill me inside makes me relate to the part where he says "i never meant for it to feel like every single inch of me was bruised". the part with him asking the questions to the pilot is a little difficult but i think andrew is trying to say "we're happy right now (on the same plane) but don't let it go off track and ruin the relationship (which is happening throughout the song)". if you're firmiliar with andrew mcmahon and the jack's mannequin albums, you'll know that he broke up with that girl, kinda fell of the face of the earth and stopped contacting everybody he knew, made his first jacks album, came back to everybody, got back together with her, then he married her. so i guess thats the only hope i can have sometimes is stories like andrews.

Life | Reviewer: Bee
    ------ About the song The Resolution performed by Jack's Mannequin

Although I know each artist has there own motivation, and it may very well be about his own experiences with cancer... this song is the perfect song for me, it acts as an inspiration through a long suffered anxiety-disorder that stopped my life for years and led me to verging on suicidal, I finally realised I had the strength and that my illness was not my fault. 'Not looking for forgiveness' is poignant as for so long I believed I needed to apologise for who I was. This is such an inspiration to me to keep fighting, even though I know the illness could come back at any point, I just need to focus on the strength to get through.

Most inspirational lyrics I could possibly find <3

Andrew = My hero | Reviewer: Aly
    ------ About the song The Lights And Buzz performed by Jack's Mannequin

I love this song mainly because its so raw to me. I just love how it explains probably the hardest thing someone has to go through. Cancer treatment. I think this song is about the past year that Andrew went through and how tough it had been but yet he is still alive and realizing how beautiful life is and how good it is to be alive. He is such an inspiration to me. I just hope I get the chance one day to let him know what an impact he has made in my life. He is AWESOME!!!

A little something for everyone.... | Reviewer: Shasta
    ------ About the song Dark Blue performed by Jack's Mannequin

I think this song is up for interpretation in many different ways....that is how Andrew McMahon writes...he is a genius! From Something Corporate to Jack's Mannequin- his songs are personal and personable. He is truly a gift!

ahmazing | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Mixed Tape performed by Jack's Mannequin

this song makes me think of her soo much it's horrible how i can talk to her everyday of my life and it feels like i never see her. I can't stand to leave her for one second. If only she knew how i really feel then maybe things would be different i dont know. all i know is i'm madly in love with you ashley and nothing can or will change that

Real Music | Reviewer: Anon Girl
    ------ About the song Rescued performed by Jack's Mannequin

When a song is written, often the musician writes it about something in their life. The lyrics have some sort of meaning to them. But as a listener, we connect, we give songs our own meaning. And what one person takes from a song is never "wrong" but simply their connection. Whether this means to you could be different than what it means to me, but nonetheless, this song hits you hard. And that's what makes music beautiful. When someone writes a song that takes you somewhere, a song that hits a nerve.

Why aren't there any reviews for this amazing song? | Reviewer: Jamiely
    ------ About the song I'm Ready performed by Jack's Mannequin

This is one of my favorite songs from the album. I love how the lyrics are written. I especially love the lines, 'As I'm finding the words, you're getting away', and 'Just think of all the thoughts wasted on you'. Jack's Mannequin is amazing. This song is amazing. I also love the paragraph Andrew recites in this. & It's true, I feel the same. If the shirt isn't dirty, I'm going to wear it.

The other side | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Bruised performed by Jack's Mannequin

I'm not sure about the whole song, but the part "Hours pass, and she still counts the minutes.....like every inch of me is bruised", it reminds me of how it feels when you end it with someone that cares about you a lot. Like, when it just isn't working for you anymore, although you still care about them and you don't wanna hurt them...it realy does feel like you're bruised. Breakups suck at both ends

To all you who are confused | Reviewer: :)
    ------ About the song Dark Blue performed by Jack's Mannequin

To the people who don't know how to interpret the meaning of "I'll wait for the ambulance to come, Pick us up off the floor". It means that they might have been in a Bonny and Clyde kind of romance maybe? Maybe both were on drugs or had mental illness of some sort or maybe even had some disease of some sort? I don't know, just my five cents on the song.

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