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Jack Hody Johnson was born in 1975, near Haleiwa, on the
North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Being the son to a famous
surfer throughout the islands Jeff Johnson naturally led to
an interest in surfing at a young age, having practically
learned to surf as he learned to walk, the man has grown up
on his board. He eventually became a champion surfer who
scored a sponsorship with Quicksilver and who seemed to be
heading towards the professional route.

Jack began surfing the universally revered and feared
Pipeline at age 10. By 17, he made the More...

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Review about Jack Johnson songs
as i knew about you and you knew about me | Reviewer: pavrun
    ------ About the song Never Know performed by Jack Johnson

As I was here I was very happy with it because I was so happy when someone is always smiling at me and I never knew who it was and it was my best friend I knew and say goodbye to it because I want them to be very happy with me

Beautiful Song | Reviewer: kayla
    ------ About the song Angel performed by Jack Johnson

apparently it's about his wife, but the lines "she could make angels, I've seen them with my own eyes" seems to be referring to his kids. when I realized that I just went "aw!" (in my head after listening to it). isn't that the most precious thing?

Im with smith | Reviewer: Keiran
    ------ About the song Traffic In The Sky performed by Jack Johnson

I also live on Oahu and I agree with M. Smiths comment. They keep building here to the point that there is nothing left to enjoy. Think of the water as open country. the stones are the developments and more people. "keep adding stones and soon the water will be lost in the well"

now over 10 months has gone by | Reviewer: 2231
    ------ About the song Do You Remember performed by Jack Johnson

I sure remember when we first met, I remember all the good times we had, every time I listen to this song, but it also makes me remember when we broke up and how many times you told me you loved me, and I believed you, I listened to this song over and over then showed it to you, and we've been together almost a year! I love you for ever :)

My Sunshine | Reviewer: richard Palmer
    ------ About the song Breakdown performed by Jack Johnson

I first listened to this song with my wife shortly after the death of our 17 year old daughter. As I listen and read the lyrics of "Breakdown" I begin to understand now how Jess must have felt at the end, she just needed this old train to breakdown. Thank you Jack Johnson for sharing this song.

Excuse me... | Reviewer: Liam Sewell
    ------ About the song Banana Pancakes performed by Jack Johnson

Love isn't an action, you haven't a clue what you're talking about. Love is a feeling, because it toys with your emotions. It causes you to carry out actions that you wouldn't usually follow out with. You are mental if you think it's an action, either that or poorly educated.

lost in the well | Reviewer: Chris
    ------ About the song Traffic In The Sky performed by Jack Johnson

Its about building over nature but also raping the planet and its resourcrs. As we throw stones into the well, the water level rises so we are able to scoop some more water out. Bu as we continue doing this soon the well will be all rocks and no water. That is exactly what the situation is with fossil fuels, rare metals etc etc. What a great metaphor

How I feel just right now | Reviewer: Charles
    ------ About the song Gone performed by Jack Johnson

These lyrics are one of the most meaningfull of probably all the songs I've ever heard. Jack Johnson is a mindblowing (in the good sense) lyricist/musician. Thank you Jack, for making people in the world wiser.

The lyrics describe a lot how I've been feeling lately with the world and my social context...

I recommed the On and On Album to everyone who's searching for good words of wisdom or just wants to be a better person.

Amazing song... | Reviewer: HenryIX
    ------ About the song Belle performed by Jack Johnson

Translations for you
Yes, the translation is correct on the first line.
Truly in Portuguese would be more like
Hello, pretty than beautiful but at the end of the day they all have almost the same meaning.
Love this song ;)

good people,good song! | Reviewer: whats it mean to u?
    ------ About the song Good People performed by Jack Johnson

Love this song,its stuck in my head..
And all I really wanna know is..where'd all the good people gooo? This is like my fave song :P
And @Lilakstar ,great parody!!and it makes perfect sense too!

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