Jackie McCullough Lyrics

To hear the Reverend Jackie McCullough is to know the voice
of one who has walked through the fires of tribulation and
emerged as a vessel of gold. The word she brings forth is
founded in the bedrock of Scripture and ignited by the Holy
Spirit to enrich, challenge and inspire the hearts and
souls of God’s people.

Today, Rev. McCullough is the newly installed pastor of The
Gathering at Beth Rapha, based in Pomona, New York, “Where
Spiritual Virtue Is Imparted.”

Besides preaching, Pastor McCullough has also authored a
devotional More...

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Submit Jackie McCullough New Lyrics

Review about Jackie McCullough songs
It is truly my PLEASURE to serve the LORD | Reviewer: Cherryl Smith
    ------ About the song Nothing But Pleasure performed by Jackie McCullough

My God what a song. This kind of song only comes from the soul. A soul that has experienced the love of the king and find it an awesome priviledge and pleasure to serve him what else is there to give him. He owns everything else.


Observation/Recommendation | Reviewer: OGUMKA CHIDI SAMPSON
    ------ About the song The Only Way performed by Jackie McCullough

I have been a strong admirer and listener to your messages and tracks. I have been declaring you WANTED due to the POSITIVE EFFECT it has on my musical statues and career. Especially on the track: SHINE FORTH. I have this song of mine in mind to release which looks like that of yours, but I think it won'T be that,which will land me in jail. (just joking) One day, if Almighty God permits, will be joined with my wife living in TURIN, ITALY. If God wishes, You (Rev. Jackie), Donnie Mcclurkin, will be featured in my Album Titled: "EXCHANGE" I believe that the GRACE of the Almighty God will always take you to the place where it will keep you. Don't stop DOING it and don't stop TALKING it till HE comes. God bless you. I still remain; Yours in His confidence, from LAGOS, NIGERIA, O.C.SAMPSON. can contact me on my cell phones: 234-0016617484, 234-08032434150, 234-08090969562.

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