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Not just a Foo Fighter, not just a Gimme Gimme, and not
just a good-for-an-amateur boxer, Chris Shiflett has begun
a world takeover with his new band, JACKSON UNITED.

He's played in thousands of bands since age 14 - including
the worlds greatest rock band THE FOO FIGHTERS, the world's
greatest punk rock band NO USE FOR A NAME and the world's
greatest covers band ME FIRST & THE GIMME GIMME's... late
last year CHRIS SHIFLETT began a world wide takeover with
his band Jackson. Now, thanks to a minor copyright issue
(and a letter from More...

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Every workin' day Sun appears | Reviewer: Espen Andresilus Kanaldial
    ------ About the song Pure performed by Jackson United

This is the title of a song i've written to lawyers' And you are approved for everything. Your will is the thing to ask for. Andresilus was the first Will of the world, and i was a Dolpine. Theese fine lyrics of the world is pretty victorious(Reed Becker of Randolf Bakk(the first inhabitain of Krypton) is my uncle of time, and the future is Fantastic) Knut-Inge was my(all round world-champion) savoiure during the Super-Times, that saved the world from any Big Nuclear-Wars, that would destroy everyting we have, now. Thank You!!

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