Jackyl Lyrics

Jesse James Dupree – Vocals
Jeff Worley - Guitar
Roman Glick – Bass
Chris Worley - Drums

Straight outta DIXIE -- The original bad-asses of southern
rock are baaaaack! JACKYL is re – lent - less. After
selling more than three million albums collectively during
the group’s highly infamous, yet distinguished career,
which includes breaking a few Guinness Book records,
breaking the law, breaking a few bones and nearly breaking
up (not an option), JACKYL keeps going…and…going, and just
like the energizer bunny, never lets up. JACKYL has More...

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Submit Jackyl New Lyrics

Review about Jackyl songs
Uhh....lyrics are wrong... | Reviewer: Jake
    ------ About the song Dirty Little Mind performed by Jackyl

She got a dirty little mind
A dirty little mind
She got a dirty mind
a dirty little mind
a dirty little mind

...it can be easily heard...of all the places ive seen these lyrics posted NOT one person can get that right...wth humanity..

Rock Me Roll Me Jackyl Me Off | Reviewer: Richard
    ------ About the song I Stand Alone performed by Jackyl

"Best in the show", most curtainly descripes Jackyl. The hit "I Stand Alone" is one of there best songs and one of the best 90's music protest. As Jesse James Durpe and the other band memebers under the lincse to drive a 40 foot truck flat bed with ampliers at Marietta. The whole purpose behind this was Kmart/Sear's wouldn't sell there album due to a dirty title for one of there songs on there self debut album titled "Jackyl". The song off the 1992 album that was look upon not sale media for Kmart/Sear's was called "She love my cock". Jackyl maybe a "Redncek Punk" them self, but hey last year they made a new album called "Best in the Show" also was 20 years in the music bussiness. The songs "Cover of the Rolling Stone", and it truley has your "Lumberjack" in it.
Rock Me Roll Me Jackyl Me Off
Enjoy the Band

Jackyl still kickin' ass | Reviewer: Chrisine Perry
    ------ About the song I Stand Alone performed by Jackyl

This song took a few times listening to it to get it to "grow" on me. But I love this song.. I looked up the Lyrics because some words I just couldn't hear.Song makes more sense now that I know exactly what they are saying.. lol I seen Jackyl in concert at the Toledo Harley Davidson in July of 2010. Really enjoyed this song and all the rest of their songs.. Keep it up Jesse James and the rest of Jackyl..

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