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R&B music is cluttered with so many boy bands that it's
hard to keep track of who's who. But when it comes to
istinction and "edging out" the competition while creating
a league of their own, the men of Jagged Edge always manage
to successfully stand out. With two phenomenal past
albums--1998's RIAA gold debut A Jagged Era, and 2000's
multiple-platinum smash J.E. Heartbreak--notched on the
group's collective belt, Richard Wingo, Kyle Norman, and
twin brothers Brian and Brandon Casey are once again
skillfully showing the world what More...

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Review about Jagged Edge songs
My relationship | Reviewer: LonelyStar
    ------ About the song Goodbye performed by Jagged Edge

It's been a couple of weeks that my bf of 1yr & 4mnts have been fighting, arguing & all... It hurts me so much. I love him & I never really thought I was going to love him the way I do now. Everyday I miss him & I think of him. Today I almost called it off but I couldn't. It was so hard to say goodbye. I just couldn't let it go. I love him too much. & the sad part is that we both now that it's time to let go but we are scared to see one another with someone else. He loved me from the start & I didn't. But within time my feeling grew & grew. He use to live only 15mim away from me but it's been 8mnts since he moved 2hrs away from me so I only see him twice a month & it hurts because I miss him & I feel like we are falling apart. I'm scared to get cheated on I'm scared that because of the distance his love towards me is going to fade away. I got heartbroken once almost 3yrs ago & it was my worst & to think of being heartbroken again kills me. I know it's time to say good bye because even tho I love him with all my heart we have tried to make it work but it's just getting worse!!!!!

Sorry | Reviewer: Bossk
    ------ About the song Goodbye performed by Jagged Edge

I'm playing this jam over and over thinking about you boo. The hurt I've caused you. The ease with which I let our relationship go. The little faith I've showed in our relationship from the start. Its been two days of hell since we last had any conversation. We used to talk the whole day and I almost always want to reach for you whenever I have something to share.....but I broke it off with you. Life is unfair and I felt like I was doing the best thing and I'm so sorry for hurting you. You're the best I've ever had. I've never loved no other like I love you. I will always live with the regret of letting you go. Goodbye Bri....

DANCE DANCE DANCE | Reviewer: lulu
    ------ About the song Let's Get Married performed by Jagged Edge

Wow, I read the reviews others posted just curious what people say, and holy cow people are just amazing, it is a song for goodness sakes, stop analyzing a really freekin good dance song, that is what it is a great great beat, when I listen to it that is why I listen to it,it gets me up moving, who cares the words to most songs don't take to heart for heavens sake, life is way to short for some of you all to be so angry over a SONG WOW, There is a big world out there go enjoy what time you have and just enjoy how it gets u up and moving, people people people way to serious!!! let it go and let the beat take you and just Dance, there would be less stress and angry people in this world if we just stop and just hear the beat.

Onli the pot wil kn0w hw h0t the fire is | Reviewer: Cassandra
    ------ About the song Promise performed by Jagged Edge

This is a veri nice s0ng it reminds me of my husbnd wen i f0und out he was inlove with an0ther grl and wen i was starting 2 listen 2 that words it sound like m0ve on with ur life.... Thats y i like it

I still love him | Reviewer: Chi
    ------ About the song Goodbye performed by Jagged Edge

Once had a man who trully loved me, he was the best thing that ever happened to me.I loved him too,so much and i still love him,but i had to leave him.The relationship didnt feel the same anymore;ie we lost the spark.I thought the best thing was to leave,didnt want to see him cry.I had hurt him enough so i left.It was the hardest thing to do,i cried myself to sleep too many times after the breakup,but i just had to do what i thot was best for both of us,i mean pretending everything was in a good health wasn't really a good thing.Now he's with someone else and i miss him so much.I hope he is happy with her cause i wish him the best in life.He is a good dude and he deserves such..I love you Goo.I miss you everyday.No regrets though

can't get over him | Reviewer: jada
    ------ About the song Goodbye performed by Jagged Edge

My (ex) bf and I have been tryin to make our relationship work for a very long time,we recently had to slip I always see at school and the way he looks at me is jst so amazingly strange.he trys so hard to hide his feeling bt I always see the pain that he's hiding ,he's my everythng.Ealier on this year I found out that he was seeing some1 else ,he evn told me that as we're now friends.About a month ago he told me that he loves me and that he's not over me ,I love him so dearly no matter how hard I try to hide my feeling I jst can't he was the best thing I ever had,we spoke about everything,did wat lovers did but wen he said goodbye for the last time,I knew that ths ws it so I jst had to move on and carry on with my life ,I know he still loves me where eva he is ,but I guess I gotta say goodbye as life goes on ,people chang,feelings go away but my feelings for him will never fade as what we had was realy strong!# almost in tears!I soo love ths song!

This song though! | Reviewer: Hlogi <3
    ------ About the song Promise performed by Jagged Edge

This is one of the most touching songs I've come across...well this song reminds me of ma baby (Sizzle)...the words there are deep...everytime I listen to the song it makes me feel close to him..and I know wherever he is he's thinking of me too.I love yuu Buu.

goodbye :( | Reviewer: alma
    ------ About the song Goodbye performed by Jagged Edge

I'm listening to this song right now...mf is about to be here && i knw hes anout to tell me goodbye...he lives 45 min away from me and hes loding his job n he got an offer in louisiana which is like 2 hrs.from here && he is thinkin of ending things with me so this is hard im crying right now as a listem to this song :(

sad moments | Reviewer: pretty pink
    ------ About the song Promise performed by Jagged Edge

everrytime i listen tothis somnqq it maakes me think about someone i did had and how i treaated him well it aint my fault .... and now i think about him from time to time when i hear this sonqq . it actually helps me move on from him day by day little by little.... well hey life goes on and so do i

The hardest thing i ever done | Reviewer: Tee
    ------ About the song Goodbye performed by Jagged Edge

21st of 04 i let go the love of my life cause he was with someone else, and i bet he love her more than he love me but he clams he love us the same... I love him so dearly but if he loves him more then he must go to her. I don't wanna say goodbye but i have to and he must know that aint no one in this world that can ever take his place,all the love that we shared it can never be erased and i'm sorry

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