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Jamelia has had more false starts than an Olympic sprinter
but now really is her time to burn bright. Her last single
'Bout' pointed the way but the new single 'Superstar' rams
the message home - this girl is back to finish what she

It seems unbelievable now that her first single was
released in 1999 when she was at the tender age of 18. Even
more unbelievable is that she'd been discovered by
Parlophone at the age of 15, when she stood up in an A & R
man's office and sang her own songs accapella, with a
confidence that More...

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Reviews about Jamelia songs

So.....THANKYOU! | Reviewer: NelleG
    ------ About the song Thank You performed by Jamelia

this song is so realistic and catchy at the same time ...good mixture. i love this song and had 2 get the lyrics. i heard it bout 3 times while shopping and i had 2 no da words anyway luv it luv it luv it.
bye mwah

I really like this song! | Reviewer: Sandra
    ------ About the song Stop performed by Jamelia

I think that Jamelia has a really good voice, and you can hear that in this song. I just love this song. My favourite right now! :)

Love yourself first. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Thank You performed by Jamelia

Fantastic lyric. So real to me. I've been there, but now I am out and laughing. One day I decided to finish my abusive, crazy relationship and amazing enough 7 months later I found someone lovely and we've been married for 7 years. The lesson here is simple: love yourself first and always, and the truly love will follow.

so true | Reviewer: unknown
    ------ About the song Thank You performed by Jamelia

just wanted to say that o matter how deep u get into these relationships there is always a way out. thank god ive just found mine. heres to the future. xx

u r great | Reviewer: joe
    ------ About the song Superstar performed by Jamelia

i dont know what it is but you must be some kind of superstar

Song relations | Reviewer: Shenae
    ------ About the song Thank You performed by Jamelia

Thank you Jamelia for this wonderful song, I recently broke up with a guy, and this song relates to our relationship, and it makes me feel much happier when i hear this song, makes me start believing i actually am strong for everything hes put me through! xxx

Perfect | Reviewer: Sheneto
    ------ About the song Something About You performed by Jamelia

These lyrics are perfect, i was amazed because i've been on a few websites looking for the lyrics and this was going to be my last choice bcoz all of them had failed me, i mean could and good don't mean the same thing, and this website was total correct, i'm gonna bookmark for next time i need to find lyrics to a song, you've just helped me with my singing concert, i'm doning a solo and now i will surely pass! THANK U I LOVE U!

From Sheneto!!!

thanku for this beautiful song | Reviewer: gurly21
    ------ About the song Thank You performed by Jamelia

I really like this song!!! the song just describe everything im feeling now. so thanku jamelia for singing it perfectly!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Thank You performed by Jamelia

Jamelia's song also has a meaning to me, not about violence or mental cruelty by a boyfriend, but can only mean a parent, and I can identify with it, as I was once an unhappy child, with a violent parent. Thank you Jamelia

I LOVE THIS SONG ITS GREAT | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Thank You performed by Jamelia

i think this song is a wiked song because the day my boyfriend asked me out it was in my head n i couldn't stop singing it. i had fancied my boyfreind 4 ages before he asked me out so i was soo happy. anyway now it reminds me of him so i gota say 'thank you' for the song! i love him sooooo much n he is my world so i love playin this song to think of him! love ya loadzzzzzzz 4ever and ever and ever and always will no matter what babe u no who ya r, u mean everything 2 me and i couldnt live 1 day with out u!! rememba how do i lol love ya soo much hunni xxxxxxx

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