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James Brown passed away December 25, 2006. Our best wishes,
thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. Brown's family, friends
and loved ones. We feel extremely blessed to have had the
opportunity to work with such a loving man, extraordinary
musician, cultural icon and world class entertainer. James
Brown was and will always be a true legend in every sense
of the word. He will be missed by millions but his
influence on music, culture and the countless number of
lives he touched will carry on for decades to come.

Mr. James Brown's dynamic More...

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Review about James Brown songs
James Brown? | Reviewer: Iggy
    ------ About the song Play That Funky Music White Boy performed by James Brown

This is an original 1976 song by Wild Cherry, written by Robert Parissi, lead guitarist and lead voice. Although the group members were white, their sound - purposely - imitated the black funk sound. So much that many people consider this song to be one of the most notable funk songs ever.

Get it right or step aside. | Reviewer: Family of JB
    ------ About the song It's A New Day performed by James Brown

Not understanding JB's Southern Accent w/funk dialect & slang will only get you a poor return. It's clearly proven when the lyrics you assumed were said doesn't make sense. Listen to the song first, and again until you get it right. Respect.

That's a different sermon | Reviewer: Shalom
    ------ About the song King Heroin performed by James Brown

@Derrill: What you're remembering is a different sermon that was preached by the late great Soul Brother James... the title of that one was "Public Enemy #1". It starts out:

I heard heroin talking one more time, and it said:

From where I came, nobody knows
I come from the land where the poppy seed grows
a whole nation gathered to plot my destruction
Because I'm a breeder of crime and wholesale corruption.
You say, I'm pure and then undilutable
and once I'm in your blood I make it pursuitable (...)

Lyric Correction | Reviewer: Jason
    ------ About the song The Payback performed by James Brown

Don't do me no darn favor,
I don't know ka-rate, but I know ka-razor!

People in the 70's wouldn't have referred to themselves as crazy because 'crazy' was an insult, not a reference to oneself as being dangerous or 'bad'. He didn't know karate, but James Brown would cut you the f*ck up. Ask Maceo if you don't believe me.

We met James and always loved "Think" | Reviewer: kleen
    ------ About the song Think performed by James Brown

My family had the honor and privilege of meeting James a few times ...
One time, after a concert we brought him and his entourage home to our parents where we had turkey sandwiches and he played the piano.
As for "Think" -- I Think it's one of the best JB songs ever --
always loved this beat!
Love Lyn Collins' version, too!

Maceo! | Reviewer: Thomas F
    ------ About the song Cold Sweat performed by James Brown

It's not "Mercy on me", it's "Maceo". He's calling for a brother to blow that funky horn. Maceo Parker, James Browns leadsaxophone player, and one helluva funky musician.


lyrics are close, but.... | Reviewer: Aaron
    ------ About the song The Payback performed by James Brown

Just to let any one who reads this know, in the song it says.."now you punk, you gotta get ready, for the big payback...that's where I lam..on the big payback"

P.S. "on the lam is an expression of being undercover, or hiding out"
that's the only way I can explain it.

King Heroin -- Part II | Reviewer: Linda Johnson
    ------ About the song King Heroin performed by James Brown

There was a part I and Part II to this song by Mr. Brown. In Part II, at the end, it tells the man to get up and his woman will follow him.

say it Loud! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Say It Loud, I'm Black And I'm Proud (extract) performed by James Brown

I love James Brown,he's bad.I've seen him at the Cotton Club in NYC and he
was cool.I shook his hand and I told him his show was great,he thanked me.
Yo he was cool.

where's the rest of the lyrics? | Reviewer: carlton jordan jr.
    ------ About the song Goodbye My Love performed by James Brown

Where's the rest of the lyrics to "Goodbye My Love?" It should of continued with something like(you always been in my coner,never let me go. One more thing I would like to say right here, you told me that no one would be able to take my place....etc)

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