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Throughout the history of pop, certain performers have
attained the status of "enigma", attracting respect and
fascination in equal measure; Robert Johnson, Nick Drake,
The Residents, Phil Spector, these are the sphinxes of pop,
men and women shrouded in mystery and the unmistakable
scent of greatness. Moreover, the ultimate accolade rock
can bestow is that certain individuals can be known the
world over by a single name; Elvis, Madonna, Prince, Lulu,
Sonia, names that will live forever in the pantheon of

Such an individual More...

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Review about James songs
whoppers | Reviewer: Rich
    ------ About the song Laid performed by James

James have many more hits than this in the UK and are a fantastic band. I agree with the person who says you don't have to read between the lines the whole time. Here it as you wish and enjoy. American Pie was ok but James was a soundtrack for Uni well before American Pie

the best feel good song ever!! | Reviewer: Aylmer
    ------ About the song Laid performed by James

First time I heard laid was in the American pie movies, when the movie is about to end, you just want it to carry on because the charactors are so funny and lovable!! I hope they keep making more of them.

Catchy | Reviewer: Dianne
    ------ About the song Laid performed by James

I just happened to hear this song on 100 one hit wonders on Much More...
The melody grabbed my attention, and the change of clothes and strong words brings me to this website.
I read something in this song as it describes the perfect relationship of love and hate..... she is a sociopath, he is the victim.

personal meaning | Reviewer: s j o
    ------ About the song English Beefcake performed by James

2 Parts.
Part 1 about a relationship? always hurting? every dog drifting away? Adiction?
Wanting a relationship to emd
Drifting away as lovers do.... to what, or where?
Obsession? with what?
A person? Smoking pot? Alcohol? Drugs? cutting ones self? razor blades? glass?
Nothing to say, i get in the way, still unable to brak this (my0 obsession with slicing....
One day maybe i'll find out wjy

sweet sweet memories | Reviewer: T.J Quinn
    ------ About the song Sit Down performed by James

saw james so many times late 80's early 90's and beyond but this song takes me back to those early days, where's that time machine when you need it, perhaps this song is my time machine.

i finally found you | Reviewer: desmond
    ------ About the song Laid performed by James

See,so unlike most of you guys,i just saw the american pie movies some weeks ago and the band camp was my favourite part...(matt stifler was probably the cutest stifler too)and this is one of the few songs that i just couldnt let go off,whenevr i checked the list of the band camp songs,i'd normally try to download others that i used to assume was this song but i was always wrong,i just felt like listening to this LAID song today,so i downloaded it and lo and behold,it was what i'd been looking for...i truly love this song...

addiction | Reviewer: sushruth
    ------ About the song Laid performed by James

had heard it first in american pie and searched for the song for about 2 years and then heard the song on my laptop and realised that i had it all the time with me
and i have already listened to it about 1000 times and i am listening to it as i am typing

Some of you read way into this song :) | Reviewer: Brandy
    ------ About the song Laid performed by James

I love this song because it reminds me of my fave relationship. :) I think the lyrics should be interpreted a bit more at face value (not every line is secret meaning for something else). If you have ever had an intense relationship, you can understand how passionate love and passionate hate sometimes go hand and hand. You love like it's the end of the world and sometimes u fight like its the end of the world too. When it's good, it's the best, when it's bad it's the apocalypse! But no matter how crazy is gets, you just cant walk away from each other. L'amour est fou, no?

poetry and scares | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Lullaby performed by James

This song is real poetry. And it is really very full of pain. It makes me cry. But also it makes me feel I am not alone in an world of old scares that are still so so open in ours hearts. Sorry for my English.

If you were there you know | Reviewer: Ronnie
    ------ About the song Sit Down performed by James

If you were about in the late 80s early 90s you will remember halcyon days of raves and proper music, this will always remind me of the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, her name was Karen Dawn Jobling, if I could turn back time, I would give literally anything. Youth is wasted on the young.

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