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Born of the same thriving south London scene that spawned
the likes of the Mystery Jets, Jamie T (the ‘T’ is for
terrific, one might guess) is a new talent thriving on a
similar kind of artistic freedom, cheekiness and
intelligence that granted those Eel-Pie dwellers a place in
our hearts. Manage to catch him in a more intimate setting
(as we did at our own Basement Club not too long ago) and
you’ll be treated to yarns spun with only an acoustic bass
guitar by way of accompaniment, the limitations of that
deep, four stringed tool not More...

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Review about Jamie T songs
Jamie T = Genius | Reviewer: CC
    ------ About the song Sheila performed by Jamie T

As a teenage singer-songwriter I can honestly say that there is no lyricist quite like Jamie T. He is the Shakespeare of my generation, so perfect yet so underestimated. This song is just amazing and the level of poetry he sings is something that everyone should aspire to write. This song is just flawless and it really is great. I, for one, am sick of hearing songs about sex and 'love'. This guy blows all other artists out of the water with this one. Jamie T, I love you.

kudos | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Calm Down Dearest performed by Jamie T

thank you for taking the time to provide correct and full lyrics..... other sites are far inferior when it comes to accurately providing the lyrics to the music we love.. on behalf of evry1 without the courtesy to say it, THANK YOU

Spider's Web by Jamie T | Reviewer: Anon.
    ------ About the song Spider's Web performed by Jamie T

This is my favourite song by Jamie T.
In my opinion, Jamie T is a lyrical genious, fearlessly unveiling his true self through his music, relating a life and mind of someone who is really different and special.
I think the new album is heavily influenced by America, and Kings and Queens boasts lyrics about small towns and social expectations there.
Though we all may be different, i think there is really something there that anyone in the world can realate to , especially people who feel caught in the middle.
Jamie T is most definitely the artist of the decade, if not the century.
Hes about 23 or 24 yet he's written some undeniably amazing songs, and hardly gets the regoniction he deserves.
Thankyou Jamie T, for being my favourite artist of 2007, 2008, and 2009.

Sick Tune | Reviewer: Jakey!
    ------ About the song Calm Down Dearest performed by Jamie T

Heard this song first on radio 1 sum time a while ago and thought it was great so downloaded it, then sheila when that came out, but the downloaded versions were crap! so i went and bought the album ... Best £10 ive ever spent!
Jamie T makes some fuckin bangin' tunes!

Bang Bang Anglo Saxons At The Disco | Reviewer: Si
    ------ About the song Sheila performed by Jamie T

Truly great lyrics have been a scarce thing in music for a good while. Certainly in this day and age where everything feels formulaic and derivative. Things are either far too blunt and to the point or they lack poetry, feeling and awareness.
Enter Jamie T. The lyrics on this album are almost flawless. His understanding of life and his abilities to represent that with the written word is comparable to Wordsworth, Milton or Blake.
He's called a 'bard' for a reason.

brilliant | Reviewer: jon
    ------ About the song Calm Down Dearest performed by Jamie T

this is a sick tune, fuck u first review, u dont know shit

Calm Down Dearest | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Calm Down Dearest performed by Jamie T

Think that this is a wicked song........Don't diss the 'T' LOL

God! | Reviewer: Muse fan 4ever
    ------ About the song Calm Down Dearest performed by Jamie T

Omg this song is Cr*p! Video is also s**t! Yeah I think he was drunk when recording...

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