JamisonParker Lyrics

Jamison Covington - vocals, guitar
Parker Case - guitar, bass, drums, vocals

Jamison Covington and Parker Case are JamisonParker. In
early 2003 Covington relocated from Kentucky to collaborate
on music with Case after exchanging demos via mail. Between
assembling material, jobs and school, the duo began their
stage show performing acoustic in front of friends' bands.

In late April they accepted an invite from their manager to
head to the East Coast for the annual Skate and Surf
festival in Asbury Park, NJ to catch some of their More...

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Reviews about JamisonParker songs

What lyrics need to be | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Should Mean More performed by JamisonParker

JamisonParker is long since gone, however they're music is eternal. Just like the emotions that the music evokes. Much like Gibbard of Death Cab, the lyrics are things that we all wish we could say to ourselves, really anyone that we care about. They just do a better job of it. This song in specific.... "and pray some day youll beg me
to beg you to run away" Such a personal touch....Absolutely wonderful

Love it <3 | Reviewer: lonestar
    ------ About the song Here's Everything I've Always Meant To Say performed by JamisonParker

this is one beautiful song...wish someone would dedicate this to me..im starting to love this kinda music...how do i keep up with the latest hits with this kinda music? they dont play it on the radio or tv so i was wondering..

love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Biting Bullets performed by JamisonParker

i think this song is about a boy who's been hurt a million times by a girl, and wants to make him feel as bad as he does and he wants her to just hate him so that this endless cycle of being hurt can end. he feels hopeless, and the line "I'm lucky if i choke" is like, he wishes he'd just choke, so he could die without committing suicide.

My opinion. | Reviewer: Noah.
    ------ About the song Hold Your Breath performed by JamisonParker

JamsionParker have thrilled me with this song. Everytime it comes up in my iTunes shuffle, I almost squeal. I love this song dearly.

The first 4 stanzas are my favourite lyrics. Personally, they remind me of a certain someone i know.

I do wish thses boys hadn't broken up. They are one of my favourite bands. What a shame.

*love struck* | Reviewer: Rosie
    ------ About the song Here's Everything I've Always Meant To Say performed by JamisonParker

Aww its like my first time hearing the song. I first found out about the band after hearing their song slow suicide. Then i got into this and I love it ^_^ <3. Its lovely and the lyrics are reminding me of my crush as well ;)

YEAAAAAAH JAMISON PARKER. | Reviewer: sophhhhhh
    ------ About the song Here's Everything I've Always Meant To Say performed by JamisonParker

i've loved these boys for agesss.
i remember the first song i ever got was hold your breath.
yeeeah. haha
loveee this song too :)

Jamison Parker. | Reviewer: Nellie
    ------ About the song I Should Mean More performed by JamisonParker

I LOVE THIS SONG! I mean you need some seriously talent to make a song like this. - I truly love this song, and i've done from the first time I heard it.

Awsome | Reviewer: Butch
    ------ About the song Alcohol And Bandages performed by JamisonParker

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

The song is truely great

If this is love then kill me now, and save me from my life...

Best lyrics ever! Dude omg why break up

JamisonParker! | Reviewer: dale
    ------ About the song Paper, Rock, Scissors performed by JamisonParker

paper,rock,scissors is their best song by far. it has a lot of meaning to it

The best | Reviewer: Amanda
    ------ About the song Dear Everybody performed by JamisonParker

One Of The Best Songs I Have Ever Heard.
JamisonParker Has Some Of The Most Unique Lyrics Ever.

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