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She's the youngest of nine children born to Joe and
Katherine Jackson- including Michael, Tito, Marlon, LaToya,
and Jermaine. She was always a tomboy as a child - a little
chubby, and given to roughhousing. Janet became aware of
the performance early on. Since the Jackson 5 were already
stars by the time Janet was an adolescent, it may never
have occurred to her that it was possible to fail in show
business. She had an experience of life completely
different from what her oldest brothers and sisters may
have known as a poor Indiana More...

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Review about Janet Jackson songs
masterpiece jam | Reviewer: liljoe
    ------ About the song All For You performed by Janet Jackson

the guitar riff is pure genius. for all the kiddies, this is how r&b is done, jimmy jam and terry lewis at the peak of their powers.

the opening verse is a little vulgar and in retrospect unnecessarily so, but the rest of the lyric is quite interesting, flirty and expresses a vulnerability in Janet (Miss Jackson)that remained even at this point in her career as a superstar "diva", even a regular guy like me could've had a chane with her (yeah right) according to the song, anyway. great song and a huge hit with staying power

INDEED - The best are free | Reviewer: mafase ntsoane
    ------ About the song The Best Things In Life Are Free performed by Janet Jackson

The name of the song says it all. If love has to cost you anything, then is not for you. I have been listening to this classic music by my two favourite artist since I was 10. I remember jumping on my parents bed dancing for it. Now I am doing it with my six year old girl and she knows all the words. Rest in peace Luther.

for you Gerard | Reviewer: linzo
    ------ About the song Making Love In The Rain performed by Janet Jackson

Remember sitting in my moms car listening to this song in 1988.. So desperately inlove with you and never really getting over you... Even to this day. Will always love you. Always..Linzo Cape Town

Like Brother Like sister | Reviewer: Benjamin amusah
    ------ About the song Again performed by Janet Jackson

Great music,great lyrics,great song.an inspiring song.I first heard it in a movie called poetic justic,janet and 2pac,a wonderful movie,since then I have search for the lyrics and its been ownsome listening to this great song.Ms Janet,u and ur brother micheal are so amazing,RIP micheal,ur good music will remaind with us forever

super, super, superb | Reviewer: susan
    ------ About the song The Best Things In Life Are Free performed by Janet Jackson

This is just a superb classic that i am sure, and believe will not die.I first heard it when i was eleven and now am 21 and still love the tune.Or is it because its a '92 song when i was born?
At this crucial moment i dedicate it to my fellow Kenyans.....peace being one of the things thats for free and its best for all

2pac | Reviewer: Michael Ebuka nwosu
    ------ About the song Together Again performed by Janet Jackson

D song was actually dedicated in loving memory of her beloved friend and d world greatest rapper eva lived..tupac amaru shakur. If u doubt click on tupac live history or autobiography u will see it!!

Wow | Reviewer: Dee
    ------ About the song All For You performed by Janet Jackson

I feel this is a great song. Has a sexy beat and interesting lyrics.

Oh and for the idiot, from 9/17/10, who said that Janet Jackson did not write it, how about you go wiki the song. You will see she is the FIRST person in the title of writer.

i love you dunk | Reviewer: #1janetdamitajojackson fan1996
    ------ About the song Let's Wait Awhile performed by Janet Jackson

Janet you are my idol and i love this song im 13 i know all your songs the words and the dances.you are just like mike. I would love to meet you. I also love thiis song the lyrics the meaning and not like the music today its old school not garbage . Love you janet miss you mike. Awesome song ( dunk)

Tehzeeb | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song All For You performed by Janet Jackson

Whats up with all the hate. Just enjoy the song. Dont waste your precious time on earth just dissin' other people's songs...and talking ill of the king of pop. it's pointless. go do something useful. as for hate towards other artists...thats not hip either. they all have talent, just different styles. and as for the racist comments...shove it. its rude and unneeded.

Bestogb, nigerian | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Again performed by Janet Jackson

It's awesome the first time i listened to this song i couldn't hold on bcos the song made me fall in love again without holding on my emotion.it was six to seven years ago but i just picked it up again today,played it on repeat again.janet you are superb i wonder how & where u got this inspirational & emotional touching song like this....

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