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English Name: Jason Chen
Chinese Name: Yitong Chen
DoB: November 12, 1988
Nationality: Chinese American
Relationship: One younger brother
High: 5'7"
Weight: 136.69lb
University: UCLA 2010
High School: Arcadia High School
Hobbies and Interests: Making Music, Attempting Yoga, Hibernating, Watching Nba Games, Dunking Like Lebron
Favorite Books: The Secret
Favorite TV Shows: How I Met Your Mother, 30 Rock, Two and a Half Men
Favorite Movies´╝ÜTerminator 2: Judgment Day, Kung Fu Panda, Burn After Reading, The Proposal, Troy, The Departed
Living: Arcadia, Los Angeles, CA 91006
Music Style: Rhythm and Blues

Representative Works
(Christmas Medley)
(Love The Way You Lie & Not Afraid) Eminem
(Just A Moment)
(Sweet Dreams)
(If You Want Me To Stay)
(I Will Always Love You)
(Sexy Love)
(Tong Hua) Cooperate with J Rice in English/Chinese Editon
(Tong Hua) Cooperate with J Rice in Full Chinese Editon
(Wedding Dress)
(Somebody To Love) Cooperate with Megan Lee
(Raise Your Glass)
(One In A Million)
(Break Your Heart)
(Hate That I Love You)
(Raise Your Glass) Cooperate with Megan Nicole
(Hold My Hand) Cooperate with Joseph Vincent
(Just A Dream) Cooperate with Joseph Vincent
(Reintroduction) Cooperate with JReyez/LilCrazed/Verseatile
(Love The Way You Lie)
(Liang Shan Bo Yu Zhu Li Ye)
(Ni Bu Zhi Dao De Shi)
(Ai Uu Xi Wang)
(Tian Tian)
(Jiang Nan)

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few words for my love jason chen :* <3 | Reviewer: muskan | 5/3/14

well..!! words r not enough to express my love for u.... love you <3 seriously u took my heart away.. sometimes i get jealous of those people who met you... coz i wanted to b their... :( ......... my bad luck....
you r such a amazing singer...
. your lyrics touches our hearts and is so inspirational. you relates to just about everyone. When you sings u has a way to make us believe in just about everything. Jason I Love you and continue to make such amazingly wonderful songs !!!!!
Music Never Sleeps <3

I <3 Jason Chen... | Reviewer: Mandy | 4/15/14

Invisible is my favourite song of yours. You have incredible voice.
I also like you and Joseph Vincent in I want it that way cover song.
I mostly listen your English songs than Chinese songs.
Your voice and lyrics hit my heart.
Now I can't help listening your songs every day.
I am dying to own your music never sleep shirt.
I am your biggest fan. Music Never Sleep :)

your voice is just amazing for me and my friend nica | Reviewer: zelnics | 2/21/14

I dont realy know jayson chen at the first time. My friend nica a nurse in saudi show me the music video of jayson chen ... woooh it cathces my attention. Everyday we were listening to his music... adicted.

ILOVEYOU YITONG CHEN :) | Reviewer: Nhep | 2/4/14

At First, i was fell in love with your song BESTFRIEND :)!! That is the first time i heard songs of yours XD !! Oh My God !! and now i'm one of your fans :) i'm starting collecting thingy thingy about you, all your songs i start collecting and memorizing :) your songs is very related in my lovelife hahah :) keep it up !!

I love you Jason <3 | Reviewer: Nicole | 12/6/13

I've first heard you in your song entitled bestfriend since then I became your fan. I hope I can see and hear you personally sing your songs. I like your covers but I love your originals more. I love you :*

God gives you talent | Reviewer: Palm | 11/22/13

My first time to hear your voice is an accident.. Just a dream song... then i
cann't stop to hear it again and again.. keep it up Jason..Now you have
one more fanclub in Thailand!

I love Jason Chen | Reviewer: armi | 11/9/13

From accident to addiction.
I didn't intend to play his song, but i was stacked by his charisma and voice.
Now I cant stop listening to his songs. His voice is really amazing. he has the ability to make his listener fall in love with him..

a very very great voice | Reviewer: angel sabas | 9/5/13

i really like his voice.... <3 really amazing <3 i'm not chinese but when i saw heared his voice i was really amazed by the talent he has i hope many vioces like this will be discovered all the support to you jason .... <3

Amazing voice! | Reviewer: CJ | 8/26/13

So far, I'd never been this addicted to one singer. The first time I heard him sang, I fell in love with his voice. So amazing, so adorable, it keeps me calm and relax and I just can' take my ears in his songs. I so love his voice! *O*

Music Prodigy | Reviewer: Willis Willx | 8/7/13

Music Prodigy... This is how i describe you're talent and music. You have shown versatility and uniqueness in your voice. You are a genius in creating your music and covering music as if its your own. I love all of your collaborations with megan nicole. Youre totally such an inspiration to all walks of life.

Jason with my first see | Reviewer: Spor | 7/31/13

I saw you in Just A Dream that you sang with Joseph. Then, I know that you're the best singer ever. I love your voice. You're so adorable. I tried to find out about you, and your works. WOW! ,,They're so nice. I now have got your CD for Never For Nothing album. ,,,I am waiting for new album. I love you. JDC

I LOVE u Jason ur the BEST!!! | Reviewer: Yan-Yan Chen | 7/28/13

As soon as I heard Jason's voice I was a Crazed fan. I absolutely love his music and we have something in common,we have the Exact same surname!!! I love all of Jason's and Megan's songs that they sing together! Jason is the BEST he Rocks!!!!!

i love his voice | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/13

Jason has an amazing voice. my kids found him on youtube and showed me a few songs and we are all fans! I love to hear him sing alone or with megan Nicole. we are all fans! you have been blessed with an amazing voice and we hope to keep hearing more!

I Love You Jason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Music Never Sleeps <3 | Reviewer: Bridget | 6/21/13

Jason Chen is the best singer of my generation. He makes young prosperous singers look poor and pitiful. His voice is amazing. Especially in Chinese and English. He always comes up with amazing music. His lyrics touches your heart and is so inspirational. He relates to just about everyone. When he sings he has a way to make you believe in just about everything. Jason I Love you and continue to make such amazingly wonderful songs !!!!!
Music Never Sleeps <3

Was Just An Accident | Reviewer: Ashleigh | 6/12/13

I was just browsing through youtube and stumbled along one of your covers, I loved your voice and had a look at all your original songs... and LOVED THEM!!! I went on and listened to both your albums and most of your covers, then I realised your songs were on itunes.... I've bought them all and listen to them everyday, I couldn't survive without my jason fix now :Dx

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