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Jimmy Buffett has certainly built himself an empire of
music, books, videos, nightclubs and clothing lines, but it
is his yearly concert tour that consistently lands Buffett
on the Fortune magazine's list of highest earning

Jimmy William Buffett was born December 25, 1946, in the
Jackson County Memorial Hospital near Pascagoula,
Mississippi, to parents James D. Buffett Jr. and Mary
Loraine Buffett. The Buffett family soon moved to Mobile,
Alabama, where Jimmy's father worked at the Alabama Dry
Docks and More...

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Submit Jimmy Buffett New Lyrics

Review about Jimmy Buffett songs
Spiritual | Reviewer: Mark m
    ------ About the song California Promises performed by Jimmy Buffett

Not sure why but I just heard this song for the first time. This came out in 1983 and even though the lyrics are simple it stirs emotions.
Jimmy performs the song with passion as he does al of his work.
I'm stoked to have it

The lyrics are right but | Reviewer: Ricardo
    ------ About the song Escape performed by Jimmy Buffett

This song, contrary to popular opinion is not by Jimmy Buffett, even the version you hear on the radio is actually by Rupert Holmes. I for the longest time thought it was Jimmy because of the internet, but if you do some searching you'll find its not actually him, it doesn't even sound like him.

How & Why I 'finally' understood WHY I DISLIKE JIMMY BUFFETT (among others!) | Reviewer: SassyFromChgo
    ------ About the song Woman Goin' Crazy On Caroline Street performed by Jimmy Buffett

....I never cared for Jimmy Buffett....couldn't quite put my finger on why~~until I viewed THIS song on YouTube~~He is so smug when introducing it and (unlike the Legendary JOHN PRINE) chooses to NEVER,EVER give the late GENIUS 'STEVE GOODMAN' credit for co-writing this AND other songs!! Mr.Buffett should BE SO LUCKY as to possess a fraction of STEVIE & JOHNNY P's boundless talent~~ he's more in the 'HACK' category!...some friend he is (not!)

BEST SONG EVER | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Cheeseburger In Paradise performed by Jimmy Buffett


Lyrics | Reviewer: Poway Mojo
    ------ About the song What If The Hokey Pokey Is All It Really Is About? performed by Jimmy Buffett

Fun songs and some very good insights. But, in the second chorus Jimmy sings: "What is the Hokey Pokey is really what it's all about?"

IMHO, a better way of saying that than the stock line.

Beautiful song | Reviewer: Audrey
    ------ About the song That's What Living Is To Me performed by Jimmy Buffett

A beautiful song with several parts that may not make sense when you first here them then think about it for half a second and it makes sense in so many ways and levels. Cute stories and very harmonizing fun and unique music with several well expressed emotions. But any good song has most if not all of those things.

fun to play | Reviewer: bilmil
    ------ About the song A Salty Piece Of Land performed by Jimmy Buffett

I play the guitar and have the song figured out but still working on the intro, bridge and finale. loved the book and listened to it no less than six times and now i'm reading it. my own life has had many adventures so I relate to the story. mine took place in 1969 on a motorcycle odessy. thanks for memories. bilmil

a long time comin | Reviewer: bobby c
    ------ About the song Ballad of Spider John performed by Jimmy Buffett

followed and follow buffett since 73, my anthem was come monday along with please come to boston with dave loggins. for the first time i read the lyrics to spider john. been listening for decades to it, drawn to it, can't get it out of my head. now i know why. never robbed one, but worked in one, stole my share and lived in the dark for a while too. lost my lilly to a dentist, and now it's crusin, a lovely cruise actually

Meaning of the Song | Reviewer: John Paine
    ------ About the song She's Going Out Of My Mind performed by Jimmy Buffett

My wife and I Love this song but we both have different ideas of what the song says or actually means. My wife says Jimmy has
Alzheimer's Disease and I believe he lost his wife and memories are starting to fade.
I know that all of Jimmy's Songs are for interpretation but mostly
it is straight on and clear.
Someone please clear up this issue.
Prithd in Victorville.............John Paine

Our Song! | Reviewer: Frank & Lola
    ------ About the song Frank And Lola performed by Jimmy Buffett

We claim this song as ours! We are Frank & Lola...married for 46 years...not under a Florida moon, but we married in June!! Love it! It is us...it is ours!!! Jimmy nailed it, and we've never even met! How did he know???? GREAT SONG!!!!

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