Justin Bieber Albums

  • Journals Album (12/23/2013)
    All That Matters
    Hold Tight
    Bad Day
    All Bad
    Roller Coaster
    Change Me
    One Life
    What's Hatnin'
    Swap It Out

  • Believe Acoustic Album (1/29/2013)
    As Long As You Love Me
    Beauty And A Beat
    She Don't Like The Lights
    Take You
    Be Alright
    All Around The World
    Yellow Raincoat
    I Would
    Nothing Like Us

  • Believe Album (6/19/2012)
    All Around The World
    As Long As You Love Me
    Take You
    Right Here
    Catching Feelings
    Die In Your Arms
    Thought Of You
    Beauty And A Beat
    One Love
    Be Alright
    Bonus Tracks
    Out Of Town Girl
    She Don't Like The Lights
    Hey Girl
    Just Like Them
    Love Me Like You Do

  • Under The Mistletoe Album (11/1/2011)
    Only Thing I Ever Get For Christmas
    The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)
    Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
    Fa La La
    All I Want For Christmas Is You
    Drummer Boy
    Christmas Eve
    All I Want Is You
    Home This Christmas
    Silent Night
    Christmas Love
    Fa La La (Acapella)
    Someday At Christmas

  • Never Say Never - The Remixes Album (2/14/2011)
  • My World 2.0 Album (3/23/2010)
  • My World Album (11/17/2009)

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    Reviews about Justin Bieber albums
    boyfriend | Reviewer: justin bieber
        ------ About the album My World 2.0 performed by Justin Bieber

    if i was youre boyfriend id never let you go i could take you places you never been before baby take a chance or youlle never ever know i got money in my hands that i really wanna blow swag swag on you chillin by the fire while were eating fondue i dont know about me but i know about you sow say hello to flasetto in 3 2 swag id like to be anything you want hey girl let me talk to you if i was youre boyfriend id never let you go keep you on my arm girl youlle never be alone i could be a gentelman but never let you go

    l love your music | Reviewer: Yolanda Dube
        ------ About the album My World performed by Justin Bieber

    Justin is my role model because he really knows what he is doing.I'm a Bieliber and proud,people can say what they want but don't give up your dream like. Justin said NEVER SAY NEVER

    Belieber Forever | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album My World performed by Justin Bieber

    People have no reason to hate on us beliebers all we do is support our idol, our inspiration. But go ahead and judge us, you wont be the first.Yeah, im a belieber. got a problem ?? Go ahead and hate on him too. We beliebers will always be supporting him no matter what. After all the haters are part of the reason he strives to do his best everyday. :) -belieberforever

    Response to "I CAN'T STAND 'BELIEBERS'" | Reviewer: Belieber and IDGAF
        ------ About the album My World performed by Justin Bieber

    Aw babe why you gotta be so harsh bout it? Not like I give two shits anyways. I hope you look back at this someday and see how stupid you were when you wrote this comment, hell you could possibly be a "belieber" now... And you were a fucking 11 year old, imagine how your parents would feel like if they saw what their ELEVEN year old daughter used to go online and write acting as though if she's the real shit and all. Seriously, you can't say he still "sounds like a girl" or "hasn't hit puperty yet" cause then you'd only be lying to yourself! It's not like us beliebers get phased by shitty haters like you, like since when did parents leave their goddamn childern do this kind of shit? I mean, come talk to me when you're mature enough not to go and talk about people online hiding behind your laptop screen, cause I've had enough with you pathetic haters.... Yes I get that this was years ago, and that maybe you've changed your opinion about him but I hope that someday you'll come back and read this then you'll realize how stupid and immature you were... Bye babes

    justin biebeer | Reviewer: Alex and karla
        ------ About the album Never Say Never - The Remixes performed by Justin Bieber

    where are you justin bieber and me thank you for i like your soging and me i want I have a deam at me ok okay? Alex no natsha no like Knole we get you i love you and kiss at me made a Flowers at me thank you for Flowers at me thank youabout you was a I like you justin bieber i go with you on stach sing at me thank you for you thank you at me I like ms. kim and no like natasha I like nyasha and Alex and karla go with me 1009 mission artn A down gate I play with you I have a toys at I have a justin bieber doll and justin bieber bord games sweet dream justin bieber I have fun and funney

    with a lil space of time.(genius) | Reviewer: jokux dennis
        ------ About the album My World performed by Justin Bieber

    genius i would say.got potentials and a very unique talent thats goin 2 transform d music world 4 a long time.nice lyrics,splendid vocals.he's just genius.with a strong will and determination,i c no reason y he shouldnt b competing wif d big names in d industry.am 18yrs old and an upcoming artiste in my country though like his style but don't do his style,and has really help 2 add a little tempo and recipe 2 my style of music.keep up with what u do bieber young genius.

    I CAN'T STAND "BELIEBERS" | Reviewer: Lauren
        ------ About the album My World performed by Justin Bieber

    im not a personal fan of justin bieber, but i appreciate he has a talent. BUT WHERE THE HELL DID "BELIEBERS VS HATERS" COME FROM?! thats gay. the word beliebers itself is gay. you people are obsessed with some guy who sings like a girl and doesnt know when stop talkin abt love! YEAH I SAID IT, HE SOUNDS LIKE A GIRL! i was tryin to be nice and say he had talent, but you people are worshiping my least favorite singer in the WHOLE FUCKING WORLD! you people worship crap. i may be 11, but i am not one to b pressured when it comes to a 16 year old boy who OBVIOUSLY hasnt hit puberty.his voice tells it all. im a hater and im proud of it. he might hav a good voice in a few years, but that doesnt make his music good. he might be a nice guy and enjoys what he does, but i personally cant stand him. if hes happy with the shit he makes, im glad, but singing abt love wont last forever. get knew lyrics and ill worship u like hell justin, but until then not in my lifetime. you will hav a great voice in a few years,but from this point of few, i have no idea why people like you so much. everyones telling me i say i hate u cuz i am in love with you. NO IM NOT!! im not one of those girls. i criticize you so harshly because you hav potential, its just in a deep hole buried thousands of miles underground. i really want to like your music but i cant bring myself to do it. im an alternative rock girl, but im flexible. i love jason mraz and for a period of time, i liked selena gomez. but now i realize my dream of julliard and the music world can include more than love of music. im gonna be a criticizer and i hav to say what i think. ive got a pretty good voice and im in a selective choir that does some really fun stuff. but i wont tell people one thing yet like another. just TRY to impress me. im stubborn but if you really try ill fid interest and buy your cds. doesnt mean ill call myself a belieber though.

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