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Meet 19-year-old Kane ‘Kano’ Robinson: garage’s lyricist
laureate, the MC’s MC, the street poet who knows it, a
pirate frequency all of his own amid the scramble of the
national garage airspace. A key member in East London’s
reigning N.A.S.T.Y. Crew, he has talent, credibility and
vision coming out of his pores, and let’s not even mention
his looks – handsome enough to melt knicker elastic at a
thousand paces, he’s currently out of love, and weighing
out the options: ‘Single… yeah,’ Kano grins. ‘I’m happy
about that. There’s girls, More...

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19\5\1992 | Reviewer: aya
    ------ About the song Boys Love Girls performed by Kano

i make boy you love me and i love you you under stand

Best Song | Reviewer: Charlie the Chef
    ------ About the song Nite Nite performed by Kano

This is the best sign ive ever heard. Mike skinne ris the best rapper ever!

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