Kanye West Albums

  • Yeezus Album (6/18/2013)
    On Site
    Black Skinhead
    I Am A God
    New Slaves
    Hold My Liquor
    I'm In It
    Blood On The Leaves
    Guilt Trip
    Send It Up
    Bound 2

  • Cruel Summer Album (9/14/2012)
    To The World
    New God Flow
    The Morning
    Sin City
    The One
    I Don't Like

  • Watch The Throne Album (8/8/2011)
    No Church In The Wild
    Lift Off
    Niggas In Paris
    Gotta Have It
    New Day
    That's My Bitch
    Welcome To The Jungle
    Who Gon Stop Me
    Murder To Excellence
    Made In America
    Why I Love You
    Illest Motherfucker Alive
    The Joy

  • My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Album (11/22/2010)
    Dark Fantasy
    All of the Lights
    All of the Lights
    So Appalled
    Devil in a New Dress
    Hell of a Life
    Blame Game / The Best Birthday
    Lost in the World
    Who Will Survive in America

  • 808s & Heartbreak Album (11/24/2008)
  • Graduation Album (8/21/2007)
  • Late Registration Album (8/30/2005)
  • College Dropout Album (2/1/2004)
  • Demo Tape Album (4/1/2001)

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    Reviews about Kanye West albums

    kanye west a genius | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album 808s & Heartbreak performed by Kanye West

    well i love the whole album mostly the track Welcome to heartbreak ,i think this album is the type of album that makes you think a lot and i think its a personal story about Kanye West but i love the beats coz they are realy fresh and different from the normal kanye sample beats

    The Best Album Ever | Reviewer: Talia
        ------ About the album 808s & Heartbreak performed by Kanye West

    2 b honest, I loved dis Album. My mama kept saying that it was jus deppresing songs bt it wuz more than dat 2 me. I loved every song bt numbas 8 nd 12 becuz numba 8 didn't make no sense 2 me nd numba 12 wuz stupid bt otha than dat da cd wuz great nd my fav. song is SEE U IN MY NIGHTMARE becuz lil wayne on it nd somthin just drew me 2 dat song it wuz beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Top 5 indeed | Reviewer: Travis Timmons
        ------ About the album Graduation performed by Kanye West

    Kanye is definitely on another level. There are very few albums that I listen from cover to cover but Mr. West did it again. This is an instant classic. 50 who?

    wooooooooooo go kanye west | Reviewer: x-holly m-x
        ------ About the album Late Registration performed by Kanye West

    this album is gr8! kanye is soo gud! his uva 1 is gud 2 but this 1 is th best! kanye rox!! xxx

    College Dropout Rules | Reviewer: andrew
        ------ About the album The College Dropout performed by Kanye West

    Still lovin the college dropout, dont play track 2 in FLA in a caprice on 22's attracts unwanted attention (dont ask). Awesome job

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