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Chicago-bred, soul sampling, producer wunderkind, Kanye
West's music is inarguably the most exciting thing going on
in hip-hop right now. He is the man that helped make
Jay-Z's The Blueprint the soul-drenched nostalgic
masterpiece that it was. He has produced a consistent array
of chart-topping inspirational beats for artists as diverse
as Ludacris ("Stand Up"), Scarface ("In Cold Blood"), and
Talib Kweli More...

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Review about Kanye West songs
Jesus Walks Lyrics | Reviewer: bryan
    ------ About the song Jesus Walks performed by Kanye West

Let's get this Jesus is able to be in the mist of sinful ppl because no sin will ever enter into Him. But it also says be in the world and not conformed to it. Romans 12:2 if you love the things of the world the Father is not in you. You listening to the wordly music u love the world and the filth in the music and allowing your mind to absorb the mess. You cannot be. Read 1 Corinthians 15:33 when cannot listen or talk in a defile way because this ain't the spirit of God or Christ. Being not perfect is an excuse to do what u doing because the testimony kf Jesus says turn away from sin. So if you still taken in enjoyment for sin you are not abiding in the presence of the Lord. Can't sit at the table of God and at the table of satan. 1 Corinthians 10:21-22

Correction | Reviewer: Bekah
    ------ About the song Jesus Walks performed by Kanye West

Look Kanye can be a Christian and we have all sinned but that doesn't meant to cuss and say dirty things in a song that is about telling people of Jesus.

Confused | Reviewer: Corky
    ------ About the song Bound 2 performed by Kanye West

The song has an excellent beat - almost a throw back to Kanye's earlier stuff (pre-Mom death). But the song has no point, as Bernard said. For an artist to be a self professed genius, I keep expecting more. His beats do sometime show strokes of genius, but the lyrics are idiocy. Maybe I shouldn't compare 2004-2007 Kanye to this new guy, then I won't get disappointed every time I hear a new song. It's just that great artists improve over the course of their careers. My fault for expecting more...

Uncomfortable | Reviewer: Anon
    ------ About the song Bound 2 performed by Kanye West

From start to finish the video for this song was uncomfortable to watch, and the song itself made no sense in terms of genre, and the lyrics meant nothing. And this man a self professed 'genius' thought this would pass for music? There is a lot of great artists out right now with real songs, Pharrell with Happy Song would be a fantastic example. This however, is the single worst insult to music to present itself to date.

Gold Digger -- my version | Reviewer: Alexander, E
    ------ About the song Golddigger performed by Kanye West

Verse I

You keep diggin' 4 gold,
in all the wrong places.
Been with so many girls,
with very strange faces.

I don't mean to bring you down,
an' knock you on the floor,
but it's time you face reality,
there's the door!

cause you're a
Gold Digger,
as a matter of fact!
You're a Gold Digger,
The King of the Pack!
You're a Gold Digger,
The Jack of the trade,

You keep diggin' 4 Gold,
You will be diggin' your grave,
Hey, hey! (like Michael)

Verse 2
I did not understand,
why we were not lovers.
You were right in my hands,
when I discovered,

That is wasn't really me,
I was to blind to see,
Instead of wanting love,
you want a money tree!

cause you're a
Gold Digger!
As a matter of fact!
You're a Gold Digger,
The King of the Pack!
You're a Gold Digger,
The Jack of the trade,

You keep diggin' 4 Gold,
You will be diggin' your grave,
Hey, hey! (like Michael)

Rap from one of my friends,

Verse III
Kinda private!


Fade out!

This song is Copy written with the Library of Congress in 1990, so don't get any ideas.

I like Kanye's too! I get it!

r u there | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Last Call performed by Kanye West

hello r u there can u hear me if this the last call well let me speak clearly i came along way catch me throwing up the roc with a bad bitch on my side im just using fa the night but diamonds r forever and a girls bestfriend and im married to the money with my diamond in the air if u r satisfied with your message plz press* or hang up beeeeeeeep!!!!!!!!! lendo and i get dough im the newest member of the rocafella team and im a hold it down and do my muthafuckin thing

why KANYE??? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Can't Tell Me Nothing performed by Kanye West

I loved kanye and stil love him... I used to like this track and stopped right after I take a good listening of it.. Its so pity that he sacrifices his Mama to fame and money made thing and how he is challenging GOD.. Fans pliiz!!! Its so pointless to be glorify about this motherfucker talking shiet bot GOD.. THIS IS SICK FELLERS!!!!

golddigger got me. | Reviewer: horrielize
    ------ About the song Golddigger performed by Kanye West

i met a young lady. she live's in goverment housing. and i got playd. i have spend about 200 on her on her birthday shopping. she ask about being in a relationship but we have'nt even had sex and when i tried to set that up. and she said yes. but she wanted something. and when i got their a bunch of nigga there.but it's on me i should have known better.i was to nice. in order to beat the monster you must become the monster.

Truth | Reviewer: Gospel truth
    ------ About the song Jesus Walks performed by Kanye West

The spirit says clearly that some people will abandon the faith in later times; they will obey lying spirits and follow the teachings of demons. Such teachings are spread by deceitful liars whose consciences are dead, as if burnt with a hot iron[(1timothy 4:1-2)good news bible.]. Remember judge not that you may not be judged. Somethings even fools are considered to be wise when they are silent(proverbs). Let us as christians preach the word and let him who has ears, let him hear what the spirit is saying.

Reply to Dawood Khan | Reviewer: jch26
    ------ About the song Jesus Walks performed by Kanye West

NOOOOOO! That is where you are wrong. Yes, I do agree a ton of Christians are judgmental these days, but there are still some that love everyone just the same. You are correct on the fact that no Christian has lived without sin, but you are wrong that everyone is going to hell. Either way you look at it, if you are saved, you are going to heaven, its a 100% guarantee.
Like Ghandi said, "I like your God, just not your people." He says that Jesus was great, no perfect, but Christians are so rude these days no one wants to affiliate themselves with Christians, but they are missing the truth behind all of it, Jesus. Listening to rock or rap is fine, depending on what you are listening to. Now I find both of these types of music great, but I'm a Christian. Yes it is wrong to listen to rap over the fact of sex or doing drugs, but who am I to judge. I can only hope the person finds that what he is doing is wrong.
Now for one last thing. Your last word was calling Christians morons. Well, earlier in your post you said that Christians were judgmental, insulting people on their ground of beliefs. Notice what you said, you called us morons, we are all at the same problem, being judgmental. You can't just reflect your opinion of Christians on a few of them, you must look at the whole body and see what they believe is the Truth, the Way, and the Life, in other words Jesus.

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