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There are few things more unsettling than stepping out of
your comfort zone, but nothing can compare to the
opportunities that come from total surrender to God’s call.
Just ask Karyn Williams. She left behind friends and family
to move to Nashville, but God has used her obedience to
open doors she could have never imagined.

“I stepped out on a huge leap of faith and moved to
Nashville,” Williams says of relocating from Orlando in
2007. “I didn’t know one person in the music industry, but
I decided if it was sink or swim, then I was going to swim.
On the day I drove to Nashville I More...

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Yup... uh huh.... | Reviewer: janelle michonski
    ------ About the song This Is Freedom performed by Karyn Williams

Your song was moving. The movie was moving. I had tears in my eyes... and I am an atheist. The only thing missing from the movie was a valid issue. There is no issue with people discriminating against Christianity in the USA. None. The issue is... that in public places no one philosophy should preside over another. I had tears in my eyes watching this because it is very charging to watch someone do all they can do for a cause. In my book, the people who cry that Christianity is being discriminated are sinister. Is it illegal to marry a Christian. Uh no. Is it hard to find a paster who is christian. Uh no. Is it impossible to hear messages via mass media about christianity ... uh no. If you are a christian and you say so... do you fear prosecution... uh no. Do you fear meeting in a christian church of your choice... uh no. There are so many examples of the non persecution of christians in this country that i can not enumerate them all. What I do accuse YOU of ... is helping to perpetuate the giant fraud that is put out by mega churches and political pundits via national media and fictional movies for what? money? .... are YOU a persecuted Christian? I would like to hear THAT story....Nice music, though... and the thing that got me about this film was that people stood behind something, anything. This country is so full of people who are too complacent about, well, THIS COUNTRY. I see the apathetic example in my day to day life. Shame on you for being part of the problem of painting "the other ones" (you know, people who dont think like you, for example, ME!!) as the enemy. Way to go. I hope you got a nice new car and some clothes and paid off your medical bills and sent your kid to school on my back. Because you certainly were a Judas. You sacrificed ME and others who are like me in order to do so. Nice song. Nice nice work.

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