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Upon hearing Kasey Chambers' 1999 debut album, The Captain,
even the most impossible-to-please critics let down their
guard. A case study was Village Voice critic, Robert
Christgau, who wrote: "If the voice doesn't get you -
you're not me, and you're also not a whole bunch of other
people." And with that, Nullarbor-raised, Central
Coast-based singer-songwriter Kasey Chambers was on her way.

And to think that the drum roll that introduced Australian
music's brightest light was very much of the muffled
variety. No mad media onslaught More...

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Review about Kasey Chambers songs
Harry Pocock | Reviewer: Harry Pocock
    ------ About the song Am I Not Pretty Enough performed by Kasey Chambers

So, long story short, this guy made me prargeant and then he left me. I cry myself to sleep every night while listening to this song. Ive never felt so sad, angry and horny at the same time. I wish i had a beautiful black man by the name of Aaron with me :(
Im still open lads ;)

Aaron Clark | Reviewer: SwagLord
    ------ About the song Am I Not Pretty Enough performed by Kasey Chambers

This is a terrible song, i am sorry. I broke up with my boyfriend recently and this song really helped me pleasure myself. I did it near the moonlight. I also done it near Taco Bell and it was the most romantic feeling i have had by myself

LOVE | Reviewer: Madison
    ------ About the song Am I Not Pretty Enough performed by Kasey Chambers

i love it and relate to it and i can't say much but i love this guy i know i am in 5th grade but he is beautiful but he broke up with me and he went for my best friend(now my arch enemy)

to all those victims of psychopaths | Reviewer: N1M
    ------ About the song The Captain performed by Kasey Chambers

this is a beautiful song in its own rights, but to anyone who is recovering from a psychopathic relationship you will understand fully the lyrics as they will resonate with your very soul. Yes you still have one, it is there, battered and bruised and a little shy. You are no longer the victim but no your own Captain. Steer yourself carefully through the rocks and you will sail on to the wonderful life that awaits you. Love and kindness to all x

Sing it to Face down that thing called Death | Reviewer: FAUSTINE
    ------ About the song We're All Gonna Die Someday performed by Kasey Chambers

Kasey's song gives one occasion to raise your voice, laugh and shout in the face of Death, to make fun of it and raise your spirits. It ain't nothin' but a thang.

Do what you do now and We're ALL Gonna Die Someday. Great fun, great spirit raiser. Everyone has lost someone and felt the sadness and anger. Grab a bottle of your choice and put this song on repeat and it is guaranteed to give you some perspective for at least a few minutes.

Thanks, Kasey

Wonderful | Reviewer: Just a guy2
    ------ About the song The Captain performed by Kasey Chambers

Its a sad and beautiful song all at once. I really like it.

Agreed this was the perfect song for the close of that episode of The Sopranos, superb foreshadowing and imo this is the at or near the apex of the entire series in terms of storytelling and production.

CORRECTION. | Reviewer: Krysdelle
    ------ About the song Bring Back My Heart performed by Kasey Chambers

"well HE'LL be running faster than a MOUSE WOULD SCURRY after all the rain comes down"

what the hell people? "mouth with curry"?!?!?!?! it doesnt even make sense so listen properly, i mean honestly WTF?

Self esteem | Reviewer: Krish
    ------ About the song Not Pretty Enough performed by Kasey Chambers

To all the people who commented. Please raise your self esteem. No one has the right to judge your appearance. And beauty comes from the inside, not the out. Raise your self esteem and confidence, and you'll find that people will change their opinions. If you act like a downer all the time, then ofcourse people wont want to be around you. No one likes a downer!

Great | Reviewer: Flic
    ------ About the song Not Pretty Enough performed by Kasey Chambers

I feel exactly like this song describes me. I don't have so many friends and lots of people don't like me. I'm not amazingly pretty- nice smile and nice eyes- and people don't always get where I'm coming from. I'm happy though, but I still feel like this song is perfect for me. I'm worried that people think I'm not pretty enough, or fashionable enough and I listen to very different music- rock and heavy metal- and I know I'll never be good enough when there's a guy I really like. This song helps me- so thanks anyone who reads this- you are understanding a little piece of me.

What this song is about | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Not Pretty Enough performed by Kasey Chambers

This song is about kasey getting REPEATEDLY knocked off by record labels. Listen to the lyrics. I guarantee you will go "aaahh i get it now. But yes all of your comments fit well with this song aswell.

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