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“It’s about debauchery, turpitude, depravity, hedonism.”
Kashmir’s new album No Balance Palace features a dark and
crisp guitar driven noise-pop sound that topped with Kasper
Eistrup’s light and melodic vocal phrasings makes it sound
both seductive and abstract.

What we hear seems familiar but at the same time enigmatic
and fresh. This is an ethereal, yet ominous piece of music
that demands your time and attention and for those who have
the patience the reward will be a beautiful musical
experience. More...

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Reviews about Kashmir songs

Gorgeous Question. | Reviewer: Shaun Stentiford
    ------ About the song Gorgeous performed by Kashmir

This song is simply wonderful in every way. It is musical perfection. I intend to have it played at my funeral. I have three Kashmir albums and this is my favourite track from all three.
I will not do a traditional reveiw of the song but instead I wonder if anyone can tell me what the song is about?
In my humble opinion , the song seems to be a homage to Jeff Buckley and his sad untimely death. If anyone can confirm this for me I would be very grateful.
If you have never heard "Glorious" I suggest you seek it out ASAP.
I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have over the many years since I discovered it. I have never tired of it and I hope you won't either.

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