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KAT is the girl next door, no matter where you're from. To
say she's a crossover artist is an understatement. Hip hop,
R&B, Merengue, Pop, Spanish Jazz, ballads, and dance, she
does it all; in English and Spanish. Want proof? R&B
superstar R. Kelly called her a "prodigy" and the famous
Salvadorian singer Alvaro Torres referred to her as Selena.
At age 12 she was invited by the "Queen of Merengue" Milly
Quezada, to sing with her on stage in front of thousands of
people, and in April of 2004 she opened for J Records
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Reviews about Kat Deluna songs

awesome | Reviewer: Vanessa
    ------ About the song Run The Show performed by Kat Deluna

i love this song because it makes you want to get up and dance. you feel so desperate to sing along but you cant because it goes so fast and it is spanglish that you can hardly figure out what theyre saying. i like that type of song. i really like the vibe it gives. this song is basically...awesome!!!

ALL TRUE | Reviewer: Zabrina
    ------ About the song Love Me, Leave Me performed by Kat Deluna

I can relate to this song sooo much guys are all the same lol not to sound bitter but sometimes if sum 1 luves u they need to leave u alone

YYYOOOOO!!! I love this song!! | Reviewer: your mother's brother
    ------ About the song Whine Up performed by Kat Deluna

When I first hears this song on 99.5, I loved it, but I didn't know the name. Then I saw it on MTV, and I got it on my iPod. Now I can't stop listening to it without dancing! It's such a cool song! Kat DeLuna, keep going.

Summer Songs | Reviewer: Jara
    ------ About the song Whine Up performed by Kat Deluna

When I first listened to it on the radio, I thought it was soo hot!!!! Now, everyone's dancing to the music. woa,woa,woa,woa,woa. Whine up!!!!

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