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Now wrapped up in what is turning out to be a meteoric rise
to fame, including a top-two debut chart single, Kate Nash
is fast becoming the it-girl of the nation’s indie scene,
but how did it happen and who is the girl behind the

Kate Nash was born in Dublin on July 6, 1987.

Though acting became her main passion at high school,
Kate’s earliest introduction to culture came when she
learned to play the bodhran – an Irish frame drum.

“My first musical experience was some folky music in

“We used to go and see More...

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Review about Kate Nash songs
According to CD | Reviewer: Rantifusa
    ------ About the song 3 AM performed by Kate Nash

According to the CD it says>

I want to change my (?) NEED TO WANT
Leave the house...(?) IT'S LAUGH OR CRY

Just cut off my electricity -> it's actually SHE cut off my electricity

Ditto | Reviewer: Nataliya
    ------ About the song The Nicest Thing performed by Kate Nash

Came across this song on Pandora while working and yep, it's now added to my "She Not He" mix. Emo, I know. But, seeing how unrequited love is a trend here... Everyone should also listen and add Marina & the Diamonds' song, "Starring Role" and the dreamy 70's song "I'm Not in Love" by 10cc to their respective sappy playlists. They're on mine and I can't deny that I have journaled and cried to them like a 12 year old. I'm 26. I just hope the guy I'm in love with can't hear me crying because he lives exactly next door to me! Lol. We've had an on and off almost 4 year no strings attached situation and I recently called it off after seeing him bring another girl home. WORST part of living next door to someone you're in love with who obviously doesn't feel the same! While I have dated and attempted short-lived relationships within the 4 year span; (what else was I supposed to do?) I've never stopped thinking about him. He's a single career-oriented 31 year old with an alcohol problem and a bald spot. I know, dreamboat! I've questioned my sanity as to why I've cried over him while listening to Kate Nash and 70's music. Truth is, I sometimes believe that you don't have control over who you love. And, I'm in love with a drunk, fantasy sports drafting, empty refrigerator keeping dude. Did I mention, while drunk obviously, he rustily plays Barry Mannilow and Christmas songs on his piano. Yup. And for whatever reason I'm not good enough for him to love.

This girl | Reviewer: Tanya
    ------ About the song The Nicest Thing performed by Kate Nash

I liked this girl for a long time. She was single. I was single too. But I took too long to pluck up enough courage to talk to her because by the time I did, she was already with someone else. She still spoke to me though, but out of respect for her new girlfriend, I stopped talking to her. And anyway, I found that I couldn't talk to her, knowing she wanted to be 'just friends' while I wanted something more from her.

If anyone out there ever starts liking somebody, hurry up and do something about it. Don't wait too long. Because she might be gone before you know it.

I wish.. | Reviewer: A
    ------ About the song The Nicest Thing performed by Kate Nash

Met my crush in high school, and became friends during that time..then we didn't see each other for like 6-7 years. Finally, we met again after so many years...and I still feel that little feeling inside when we see each other. But we can't be more than just "friends", because we live in different states and we have our own lives. And it sucks because I feel like he is the ONE for me. I like this part of the song- "I wish you'd never forget, The look on my face when we first met"....... "LOVE-why you have to be so complicated?"

Wow | Reviewer: dahlia
    ------ About the song The Nicest Thing performed by Kate Nash

This song is how I feel exactly. I'm in love with a guy, and he liked me for a while but I missed my chance and now he's with someone else. I just wish he loved me as much as I love him :''( why do so many of her songs seem to fit so perfectly with how I feel?

A friend mentioned this song. | Reviewer: gladys
    ------ About the song The Nicest Thing performed by Kate Nash

I told hime I was listening to Bobby Bare sing "Candle in the Wind" and he mentioned this song. Sounds like he and I are on the same page.
Isn't this exciting. So rare these days.

This song | Reviewer: S
    ------ About the song The Nicest Thing performed by Kate Nash

I'm with you guys. i got into a friends with benefits with a guy and this song reminds me of him because I started to wish he was mine and it hurt so much because I wanted to be tough and pretend that I didn't care about him but the truth is I did and I miss him and i hate to admit that but I do. I just wish he could look at me and feel something. I wish he couldn't take my eyes of me. I wish he loved me as much as I know he loved his ex of 7 years prior to me. I wish... I wish he just cared. just a tiny bit that I existed. but he doesnt. so I have to deal and live with that.

one of my other favorite songs of hers is.. | Reviewer: Macy
    ------ About the song A Is For Asthma performed by Kate Nash

" Fight, put the pots down"
Its hard to find though..

let's throw pots and pans all over the room. Punch each other to see who's the toughest, play sappy love songs, too sing out loud too. Forgive each other for the better. Dance in the rain till our hearts give out. Yell and scream till our lives are over. We are too young to do this too one another. we love and make love and rage against the bed. bash our heads into our lovers. eat some cheerios and carry on our fight. throw pots and pans all over the room, drink some rum and start a fire, your a riot.

look it up on YouTube..it's funny as hell.
it was her first demo

Sad song. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Nicest Thing performed by Kate Nash

Every single line of this song is exactly how I feel. I started to get to know this boy last fall. I started to like him. I told him. He didn't feel the same way. But I've always thought he did. He always made it seem that way. Even after when he told me he didnt. Anyways, I haven't talked to him for about three months and for some reason I've been thinking about him. So I started listening to this song again. Yep.

Another Wish | Reviewer: Love, Dee
    ------ About the song The Nicest Thing performed by Kate Nash

I reading all of these, and it breaks my heart. "basically, i wish that": you all find the love you're looking for. none of us are hopeless. i know the feeling: i'm in love with my best friend too. but i know that the friendship matters most, so i'm laying my feelings down if and/or when he is ready for them, if he ever is. he is the "nicest thing". and i'm glad i know him <3

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