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Kate Ryan (born Katrien Verbeeck (22/07/1980)) started out
impersonating Madonna. In her earliest childhood years she
brought a miniature material girl to life on countless
parties and school activities. Meanwhile, Kate developed
other interests such as horse-riding and water-skiing,
which she both practises at quite a good level up to this
very day.

As virtually the whole (Verbeeck) family played either the
guitar or the piano, gifted Kate developed an equally large
soft spot for both instruments. In art school, Kate
impassioned her teachers with her intangible feel for
drawing More...

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Reviews about Kate Ryan songs

More Info about Libertine | Reviewer: Harlan
    ------ About the song Libertine performed by Kate Ryan

Libertine was one of the first of three songs that I heard by Kate Ryan when I first learned about her in June 2010.

There is a three letter word that you hear towards the end of this song, "Bah Bahm .........AYO, AYO ....bah Bahm.......AYO, AYO ..." I just past this off as a made up word that might be used in Europe.

Then, when the song ends you hear that "AYO, AYO " phrase one last time.

Then, towards the end of May of 2011 I saw her new video of "Lovelife" which is absolutely excellent. Check out the version where there is a fasion show going on.
But, there again she is using that word "AYO" again. For example in the song, "If you know what I mean say, Ayo! If you feel what I feel say, Ayo!........", and later in the song, "When you are banging on the drum say, "Ayo", and so forth. Then I started to get curious. It's not a French word, and when you take a look at the various definitions in Wikipedia for "ayo" you end up with various definitions that still don't make sense as far as the songs are concerened. There is even a French singer which goes by Ayo, but I knew that couldn't be it. Then, somehow I came across a Wikipedia site for the definition of "Battle Cry". Further on down the site you will find:
Gurkha soldiers have historically used "Jai Mahakali, Ayo Gorkhali", meaning "Victory to Goddess Mahakali, the Gurkhas are coming." This is still used by the Nepalese army and Nepalese army regiments of the Nepali Army, Indian Army and British Army.
Maybe this is not completely it, but it appears to make the most sense, because I don't think that Kate Ryan would use a meanless words just to complete a song. Both songs are about overcoming an obstacle in your life. That whole phrase "Jai Mahakali......." can't be used, so quite possibly she just used "Ayo". Further study revealed using the Google Language translator indicates that Ayo is Indonesian for "Let's Go", or "come on". It is just a SWAG (Scientific Wild - Ass Guess), but I would like to think that Kate Ryan is very diligent and places much thought in writing her songs.

OK, Mesdames et Messieurs what do you come up with?

Oh, so THAT'S What It's About | Reviewer: Sam French
    ------ About the song Libertine performed by Kate Ryan

I live over here in San Francisco, on the other side of the pond. I've been a deejay for over twelve years and always love it when I take a foreign language song, play it and have a bunch of people come up to the booth and ask what it was. I've played some cuts for WEEKS ON END and included them in the "favorite picks" listings of my bi-weekly charts.

It's true what they say about most Americans not venturing too far outside themselves when it comes to understanding/incorporating foreign concepts and embracing foreign cultures. THIS RINGS TRUE TEN-FOLD WHEN IT COMES TO WHAT THEY'LL STAY ON A DANCE FLOOR FOR!!

Kate Ryan's music, if programmed cleverly, transcends that. She's got a great voice, her melodies and beats have GREAT hooks to them and she's a great "standby" if it's been a slow week for new music. Otherwise, it's difficult-at-best to get away with more than a couple foreign-language tunes per week. It used to be different. I used to get REQUESTS for artists like Myleen Farmer, Shakira (before she was singing in English) and there were a couple of years there a lot of my regulars couldn't see past Selena and Ricky Martin in English OR Spanish.

Pasted below is the best translation I've been able to produce. I'm sure a native French speaker would be more able to work the literally translated passages into a more correct text, with a greater understanding of vernacular and spoken idioms. (Sorry, I speak Spanish and Portugese, but not French!)

As for a rating, she gets a solid 'nine' from me. I'm holding back on the extra point because I wish her A&R people would make more of an effort to put her music into American hands.

Ash moon, little bubble of foam
Pushed by the wind, I burn and I catch a cold
Between my dunes rest my misfortunes
It's naked, I learn the virtue

I, I'm Libertine
I am a whore
I, I'm fragile
Let me hold your hand

Split the moon kissing spine and feather
Inspired by a little wind, I walk
Life is sad like a glass of grenadine
To love is to cry when they bow


When on my body, you fall asleep
I m'évapore, baby you sleep and I am waiting for the dawn
When you remove you from my lips, a bitter taste
Reminds me that I'm in heaven

Ash moon, little bubble of foam
Lost in the wind, I burn and I catch a cold
My body is afraid, wet skin, I have more soul
Dad, they have violated my heart

Only If I | Reviewer: Manu!!
    ------ About the song Only If I performed by Kate Ryan

pues eso, que es una cancion mu mona!! es la de Only If I!!! TkM!!

Please - why? | Reviewer: peej
    ------ About the song Libertine performed by Kate Ryan

Why was this movie ever even made? It was so awful, boring, just hideous. I hated it.

Truly emotional | Reviewer: Sonia
    ------ About the song The Promise You Made performed by Kate Ryan

To the band KATE RYAN

Some songs just have a strong emotional impact when you hear it for reasons not exactly describable. Just loved the lyrics and music composition.

This is a song that moved me and made me feel like i have to move on and continue dreaming......

Thank you

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