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Ever since the November 2007 digital release of the
hilarious, zeitgeist-capturing single “Ur So Gay,” Los
Angeles-based singer-songwriter Katy Perry has been wowing
critics and fans alike (including the Queen of Pop herself,
Madonna) with her big voice, sassy attitude, and feisty,
confessional songs. Perry’s debut album, One of the Boys,
is a sharp, witty pop-rock gem filled with candid tales of
neurotic ex-boyfriends (“Hot N Cold,” “Ur So Gay”), crazy
road trips with friends (“Waking Up in Vegas”), and
figuring out who you are More...

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Submit Katy Perry New Lyrics

Review about Katy Perry songs
awesome | Reviewer: blackrangerfan4ever
    ------ About the song I Kissed A Girl performed by Katy Perry

this is a great song to me is like he's running from homosexuals and the world that were're living in now is bad and with homosexuals around this world is not going to get better and abortion is evil and if my words are to deep for you to handle then go to hell!

Read | Reviewer: Bob
    ------ About the song Dark Horse performed by Katy Perry

It was really helpful do I now know all of the words of by heart and I can see it any time I like. Came across the website on the internet and it is for free! You can play background music on YouTube which is really good. Better than buying a CD. For free as well! ❤❤

Wrong Message | Reviewer: Felicia
    ------ About the song Teenage Dream performed by Katy Perry

Why does Katy Perry need to sell promiscuity to our youngsters, and you know that even 11 and 12 year look up to her as a big sister image.
Teenage Dream sells teenage alcohol abuse ("we drove to Cali and got drunk on the beach") and sexual promiscuity ("got a motel and built a fort out of sheets") to these youngsters. She sings "lets go all the way " at least twice. is it for the money?? Guess so.
Yeah, you can call me prudish...let's hope your teenage daughter, niece, neighbor, doesn't get too pregnant.

ashtyn ewing best song ever roar katy perry | Reviewer: ashtyn ewing
    ------ About the song Roar performed by Katy Perry

Katy Perry IS A AESOME song writer she makes me a better person when I hear her songs I think Katy Perry is very pretty and very talented I wish I saw her in person. I know how to sing all the parts to roar AND YOUR SONG CALLED YOUR HOT AND YOUR COLD I KNOW THAT SONG TOO YOUR AN AWESOME SONG WRITER and some of my brothers make fun of me and say I am fat and don't know how sing but I do know how to sing just like u do and I am never going to give up my dream of singing I want to be just like u

review paula magdangal performed by katy perry | Reviewer: paula magdangal
    ------ About the song Roar performed by Katy Perry

i love love love love this song ..... but, other song of katy perry i don`t like,oh i hope any din`t disapoint of me .. well thats my own opinion, acctually.. but dont be worry i like and love katy pery ...more support ..

katy perry roar | Reviewer: 12347
    ------ About the song Roar performed by Katy Perry

I love her songs they make me be a better me when i listen.She has a great voice but ai'nt her #1 i really don't care what people say because I know they just hating. Because u cool!

katy perry is a good song writer but im not #1 fan | Reviewer: clarissa saucedo
    ------ About the song Roar performed by Katy Perry

i just barley started listening to katy perry "roar".but i really love singing any song that i hear i started singing when i was 5yrs but im 10yrs now.but im a really good at singing you could tell my mom and dad and sisters and brother and my friends and my teacher. i always wanted to be a singer but i still want to be a singer i don’t care if people say i sould not sing cause im not giving up my dream!

i love katy perry)!* | Reviewer: miya
    ------ About the song Roar performed by Katy Perry

katy perrys songs make seanse she always makes me really happy to hear the most nice words coming out of her mouth it would be cool if every body was nice just like katy but some people are ass holes!

comment | Reviewer: no need
    ------ About the song Roar performed by Katy Perry

I like Katy. I hoonestly do. But when I heard this song 'Roar' performed by Glee Cast, I decide not to listen to Roar the version fo Katy. Katy is amazing and I have nothing to say except not all her songs are cool which no one has such an album that well yet, I prefer Glee Cast to listen to. Teenage Dream Acoustic by Darren Criss and I Kissed A Girl by Lea and Naya were totally perfect! Hope I didn't get anyone mad at me by revealing my opinion.

#1fan | Reviewer: Natalia ryde
    ------ About the song Roar performed by Katy Perry


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