Kavana Lyrics

Full Name: Anthony Kavanagh

Date Of Birth: 4th November 1977

Height: 5'9"

Colour Of Hair: Dark Brown

Colour Of Eyes: Green

Education: Cardinal Langley High School,

Jobs: McDonald's for 1 week,
Tea Boy at Nigel Martin Smiths Recording Studio

City Of Residence: Manchester, UK

Mother: Rita, Clairvoyant, 50's, Manchester

Father: Andy, Builder, 50's,

Sister: Angela, 35, Hairdresser

Pets: Cat Called Mickey

Who Was Your Teenage Idol: Indiana Jones & Prince

Favourite Food: Indian

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Review about Kavana songs
(for my nanay nenet) | Reviewer: kaye tan
    ------ About the song Will You Wait For Me performed by Kavana

this song was used in the wake of grandma (nanay nenet) we remenisce all the memories we had with here, we realize that we fell so sorry to ourselves that we dont spend more time with her, that were not there with her while the pained she felt made her shed tears, i wish i was there to keep her calm and wipe those tears, u know even we cried million tears we cant bring back everything. ive wasted so much time that i should spend with her the time that i go to mall and have fun knowing that shes in the hospital :'( . thank you nanay for taking all of us your seven children and we, your 29 grandchildren you are a wonderwoman, sometimes i dont understand that you always busted us, that you always tell things over and over again, but now that you are gone, i realize that you did those thing just to fix us and make us good, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH NANAY i understand why you dont notice me sometimes, cuz were so manny, thank you for all the advices,the naggings, the warm foods,the soft beds,blankets and pillows and you being part of me. WE WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH, god is so lucky to have you there.See you in heaven nanay :'(

I'm missing you | Reviewer: Yhnne
    ------ About the song Will You Wait For Me performed by Kavana

The lyrics of this song really hits me. It makes me cry. :'( It reminds me of him, the one I loved and i'm still loving. :'( I
really want him to come back, but I don't know how. :(((( It really hurts. Yeah, it really hurts. Cause I still love him. It's hard to let him go, but I know I have to. But I want him to come back. I really miss him. I STILL LOVE HIM. Everyday I'm hoping that he'll be there again. He'll be there to love me again. </3 I still love you! [N] Please come back to me. ;( please... please... Come back to me, please. ;((( ILOVEYOUSOMUCH! NY

to the person who loved me | Reviewer: mhaipy
    ------ About the song Will You Wait For Me performed by Kavana

i'm sorry if i treat you badly, i know i hurt you, maybe we are not meant to be here in earth, will you wait for me in heaven.. thanks for this wonderful song. i understand what you feel for me, i know you love me very much, I'm very sorry maybe its not the right time for me to love you in return.. thanks a lot.

Kavana the one ! | Reviewer: Mikmikvillamar
    ------ About the song Will You Wait For Me performed by Kavana

When i hear this song to my boss , the version of nina , but i search the original , until i find this navana , so beautiful voice . Just like the a1 westlife and many senti song . Woahh this is really meaning to me , in my dream i found a girl but i dont know his name , until i wake up , and i said its only a dream , i will find this girl and we really see again , and the pass me by . I want to see you my dream girl <3 thanks for this song, it gives so meaningful to us .navan ! Make more more more song ! :)

finished what we started | Reviewer: Romar
    ------ About the song Will You Wait For Me performed by Kavana

this is a kind of song that i really want to dedicate to my super girl and realized it every single word what like to share us. that was song make me comfort, relax and give me full strength to tell my feelings to my super girl. how i wasted my time for a long if she's nothing on my sight.

A song for my Dad | Reviewer: liondoll
    ------ About the song Will You Wait For Me performed by Kavana

This is one of the songs I asked to play at my Dad's funeral. Ironic, we used to sing this together as well. Now, 12 years after, everytime I hear this song, I still remember how great a Dad he was. I lost a friend, a brother, and a Dad when he left. But I know someday, we will see each other again... in heaven... I miss you so much, Dad!

will you wait for me | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Will You Wait For Me performed by Kavana

It is so hard to forget someone you really love, lalo na kung hindi kayo naghiwalay ng maayos,.. And the worst thing is nagkaron siya ng iba habang kayo pa, although nangyari samin yun i still love her..until now un kasi willing pa din akong maghintay its been 3years but still i really love her... :"(...

not to see you again.. | Reviewer: Secret..
    ------ About the song Will You Wait For Me performed by Kavana

when i first read the lyrics at MYX.. i remember the important person in my life..
its very hurt that hes not waiting that we will see each other..
if we far, i promise not to feel the pain, but i feel it..
my question is will i see him again?? will i see him again???
time will pass me by i know i learn to smile

Do i have 2 say gudbye? | Reviewer: Clefairy
    ------ About the song Will You Wait For Me performed by Kavana

I alm0st cried wen i heard dix s0ng.. I ddnt xpect' dat my b0yfrnd wl leave mE..' i th0ught dat we wl last 4ever...' 8 s true pala talaga na pag may ligaya mayr0on ding lungk0t..' i juxt cnt imagine living my lyf wid out him.. He pr0mis n0t 2 lev me.. Bt he did.! He 2ld me 2 w8.. Bt i just sincE NA Parang wla naman aqung hhntayin...' 8 reli hurtx me! Until wen xhud i w8?
Lately i juxt realizEd Dat F we r reli meant 2 bE... Eventhu h0w many times na magpaalam sya kung kami talaga ang para sa isa't isa.. Dstiny wl make our path cr0ss again...

Till We Meet Again. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Will You Wait For Me performed by Kavana

When I first heard this song, sobrang nkarelate aq. My boyfriend past away last Christmas 2010. What happened was so tragic kaya up to now, d p rin aq mkamove-on. We were together for 5 years and sa isang iglap he's gone, d man lng nkapagpaalam.

I really really missed you hon, you know how much we loved each other. Pls. wait for me in Heaven...

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