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Jonwayne Kenan and Kale Lyrics

Last updated: 08/19/2014 02:31:30 PM

From my mamma's neighbors til my palm
I've been calm droppin' their bomb
But lil Brooklyn drop, rappers wanna kill me, bitches wanna snuff me
I'm the king of whatever thorf the planet Earth beat
You run so soft and you not concern me
Cuz ain't been here since two decades like Eddy Murphy
See crackers out here doing better then you
Doing the one for a hitter that burn and doesn't hurt me
Shuts and alien, marsh and keep it retarded '
When you wip the mic let it to handle
If you want me at the sky you better hang with
Think you better than me, do it pretend
But first remove the bells and rave whistles,
Pistol with a wimp upon the scene be a rapper and fail
The one serious beaf and get all king and kall
We get the kenan and kale
This the side squache, chill out he beat and get up in the ass quach
You can't stop, told you raise the hands like a mascot
Poly all rappers up and off gates and mascots
Attack none unless you get it all '.what makes your jackpot
My cruel is like bad cut, bad cut
Give you black eye like a step dead and send '
Ask how where you got this from and 'cuz you see this fola trips and '
I don't hide behind shit, I ride and get all'are like turtles on '
Rocking til the party shit will'.
That's what we did cuz this 'til the laby will caught the '
They don't want serious beafs eating kenan and kale
Eating kenan and kale
Aah I'm presidential, my residential is monumental
To the world I'm the leader, like me wanna be and main haters
Wake up every morning, turn on speaker I go '
My Universe is calling me and I ain't got time to rehurt you
I lay you in the clean '
Is it's cheaper then keep her, I'm all in
I'm free falling, free balling, 'call like bust hugging
Call me son just having the guy fall
All rebel, hard travel, they sure remind you a treach
This confabulate it's too late to just giving in
I'm here to stay, got many of you searching
One shut and get vaporate'get the fuck out of my mind state
When I'm slap in this 'fuck around and decapitate your face

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