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Kenny was born in January 7, 1948 as Kenneth Clark Loggins
in Everett, Washington, as the youngest of three boys. His
father was a traveling salesman, which caused him as a kid
to move to several different cities throughout the country
before his family finally settled in a suburb of Los
Angeles, California.

Kenny grew up in Catholic school, and learned to play
guitar. As a teen he started playing clubs in areas of
California. At eighteen, Kenny was hired as a staff writer
for a publishing firm, payed $100 a week. Four years later, More...

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Review about Kenny Loggins songs
Still Relevant | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Same Old Wine performed by Kenny Loggins

Happened to stumble on this song. I have alway been a fan, but hadn't heard Same Old Wine before. Too long for radio play. The words are timelessly relevant. Great song.

FOREVER IN MY HEART | Reviewer: auntie Jane
    ------ About the song Return To Pooh Corner performed by Kenny Loggins

MY Brother who has died sang this song to me and played his guitar all through my life. I am so grateful you have sang it to me and I have the words to remember forever

I've only heard this song during each intro of the Shirley Temple VHS collection back in the 90s | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Watching The River Run performed by Kenny Loggins

I fondly remember hearing this song every time we watched a new episode, well, movie, of Shirley Temple on VHS back in the 90s. It came back to my memory upon hearing of her death, so I looked it up. It was a female voice singing in the intos, so I'm not sure who it was. Does anyone know?

could be my wedding song :) | Reviewer: Haidee Simeon
    ------ About the song Meet Me Half Way performed by Kenny Loggins

Hi..I'm Haidee..I heard this song on the movie Over the top when I was still in highschool.. I duno but until now,I didn't frget it..I always used the word meet me halfway when meeting friends and now,when I was skyping with my boyfriend ,I sudenly remember the song and search it on it to my boyfriend and become one of his favorites..I told him we could use it on our wedding day :).. I super love this song..Thankyou for sharing the lyrics :)

brings a tear to my eyes | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Return To Pooh Corner performed by Kenny Loggins

I would listen to this with my grandson many years ago. Also was the song playing when I got word of my nephews death and makes me think of him when I hear it even now. Always makes me smile along with a tear. So glad Kenny wrote this song feels like it was written just for us.

For my daughter | Reviewer: Mary
    ------ About the song Watching The River Run performed by Kenny Loggins

I've had the honor of raising my daughter alone. Her name is River & next week, she will be 18. Greatest moments of my life were her 3:00am feedings. In a rocking chair, nursing & singing RUN River RUN. Ugh. Teary now thinkin about it! Thanks for letting me share my sappy mommy memory!

Simplicity | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Return To Pooh Corner performed by Kenny Loggins

This song teaches a valuable life lesson about simplicity. About 20 years ago I was really struggling with balancing my hectic life. My then toddler daughter asked "Mommy, why can't you stay home from work with me?" That was enough to convince me to leave a high paying but stressful job. On my last day of work, I was driving to the day care to pick her up when this song came on the radio. It let me know I made the right decision. The simple things, like counting all the bees in the hive, are really the most important things in life. I will never forget that moment. It was such an epiphany for me. My daughter is now graduating college and she has said more than once what a good role model I was to her. This song will always remind me of the bond we have.

Underrated | Reviewer: Bdee29
    ------ About the song Love Will Follow performed by Kenny Loggins

Both Kenny Loggins (solo) and Loggins & Messina (as a duo) despite their success were completely underrated as artists...this song and many others they wrote individually and as a duo are some of the best songs ever written by American singer songwriters...this song is amazing...thanks...

    ------ About the song How About Now performed by Kenny Loggins

Support Meat Loaf? How about Kenny Loggins (see bottom of page). It's just this kind of crap that makes me not want to come back to this site. No proof reading at this site? Yes, I guess I am sometimes a perfectionist.

Thanks For Listening, Truman

Love song | Reviewer: Roma
    ------ About the song Return To Pooh Corner performed by Kenny Loggins

It heals my soul whenever I hear this song. It reminds me of my dear loved one. This is his favorite song. I get very emotional because I lost him. Its melody is great. i love to hum this song while reminiscing our sweet memories.

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