Khia Albums

  • Nasti Muzik Album (7/22/2008)
    Nasty Muzik
    My Swag
    Be Your Lady
    Shit On Me (Skit)
    Like Me
    Get It And Go (Skit)
    Put That Pussy On His Ass
    I Refuse (Skit)
    Get Out
    Fuck You And Suck You (Skit)
    Bitch Bitch (Skit)
    What They Do

  • Gangstress Album (7/11/2006)
    Respect Me
    I've Been Called A Bitch
    Fucking Me Tonight
    Snatch The Cat Back

  • Thug Misses Album (7/1/2002)
    My Neck, My Back (Lick It)
    Hater (Skit)
    F**k Dem Other Hoes
    The K-Wang
    You My Girl
    Jealous Girls
    Taz (Skit)
    Don't Trust No Nigga
    Taz II (Skit)
    Remember Me
    Scooter (Skit)
    F*ck Dem F*ck N%$*$Z
    I Know You Want It
    For My King (Tribute to the Black Man)
    When I Meet My King

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