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M.I.A. Know It Ain't Right Lyrics

Last updated: 11/02/2013 06:11:54 AM

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Let me take the time to tell you
I already know whats on your mind
I wanna stick around and make you
Understand I didn’t commit crime
But you keep on thinking it’s
In some other chick
Makes me feel I’m better off
Goin' on a trip
You keep on thinking it’s
In some other bitch
That makes me wanna leave
And never call up 'til I’m rich
What you want come see me
I got bootleg love for free
I got Abdul in a taxi and
He’ll drop you down for free
Natsumi and Tsunami
They make love like origami
They put a flower on the lover
Give it good licky licky what
Good licky licky, good licky licky
We know it ain't right but we do it anyway
I think I wanna get a little active
There’s more to this than being your captive
New directions might need a little practice
I can make it little less destructive
You putting guards up
Outside my shop
Get me with your swat what
And it don’t it stop

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