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Lacrimosa started as a solo project by Tilo Wolff. He was
born in Frankfurt (am Main) in Germany on July 10th, 1972.
At the age of 12 he wrote his first prosaic lyrics which
were published in different literary magazines. He gave his
first trumpet concert and later on he played the flügelhorn
and the piano. After graduating from school he started
working a regular job. In 1989 he published a fan magazine
and in 1990 he released his first single (on tape) called
"Clamor" which included two songs.

Lacrimosa is from the latin language More...

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Review about Lacrimosa songs
Twenty seventh of march 2012 | Reviewer: SebastianC
    ------ About the song The Phantom of the Opera performed by Lacrimosa

It was very good with no mistakes. I would also reccomend it to everyone. It really reminded me of my favourite song (phantom of the opera) and those very words you read I read many times and now I know the words of by heart so I can sing it every where I go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's a bad lyric!! | Reviewer: johnny moorings
    ------ About the song Siehst Du Mich Im Licht? performed by Lacrimosa

This song is so bad writed, bad german language. For example don't says: "Du bist der Pegel der Bilanz", the correct is: Du bist der Regel der Instanz. I just read that just now in the stille album.

I sing this. | Reviewer: Kayla
    ------ About the song Sanctus performed by Lacrimosa

I sing this in my AC (advanced chorus) at my high school. It is a bit confusing to get the Alto parts in with the soprano 1 & 2. We are competing this Fridays at a festival with this song, and 2 others.

Great bassoon! | Reviewer: Rosanegra
    ------ About the song Sapphire performed by Lacrimosa

What possible words can a man give to this piece of resistance? Music, lyrics, orchestration, ... It all helps to bring an atmospheric turbulance into your room, spirit and live. Thank you for this powerfull wonder!

Lacrimosa!!! | Reviewer: EdGar der Klaviermann
    ------ About the song Einsamkeit performed by Lacrimosa

Con Esta cancion me volví super Fan de Lacrimosa
El Sonido del Organo es Facinante!!
La Letra es muy Deprimente, pero muy buena!!!
Son lo Mejor!!!

Rumpelstiltskin | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sapphire performed by Lacrimosa

...powerfully rare, the ambiance is ethereal and completed at the same time, feeling like traveling thru binary wormholes towards a new breed, unified ...i love this song=)...

really xpecial.

Darkness | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Not Every Pain Hurts performed by Lacrimosa

let my die!

you do everything for me ..
protect me from the shadow..

the best | Reviewer: emmanuel
    ------ About the song Darkness performed by Lacrimosa

for all my heart is so far and alone in the darkness of this song

Sanctus | Reviewer: busygal112
    ------ About the song Sanctus performed by Lacrimosa

This is a good song, I sing the soprano bit in my choir, it's good...

Back in time | Reviewer: Rick
    ------ About the song Einsamkeit performed by Lacrimosa

This is a song that cries for the humane in us to return to the world, to our de-humanized world. It is a small wonder, like many of Lacrimosa's songs, and it speaks highly of the German-speaking culture, especially from our viewpoint, this is the Western Hemisphere's factories of cultural trash that keep pouring mental garbage to the planet.

Rick-Puerto Rico, USA

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