Lady Antebellum Lyrics

In the summer of 2006, three gifted young adults walked
into a house hoping to create music together—and Lady
Antebellum walked out.

The sound that Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley and Dave
Haywood cooked up while hanging at the Nashville-area home
of Charles’ brother throughout the summer of 2006 is a
unique blend that mingles classic country, 1960s R&B
soulfulness and the heart-on-the-sleeve openness of 1970s
singer-songwriters, all presented with a razor-sharp
contemporary edge. It’s a sound that had Lady Antebellum,
as the More...

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Review about Lady Antebellum songs
Our themesong | Reviewer: Ram
    ------ About the song Need You Now performed by Lady Antebellum

I really love this song whenever I hear this lovely song I cant stop but sing the song as well,as a matter of fact this song is our(I and my partner) themesong.Lady Antebellum is the best..

Need you now | Reviewer: Richie
    ------ About the song Need You Now performed by Lady Antebellum

this is a great song. i was inlove with someone and never seen her since now. over two years i've always wonder if i ever cross in her mine. for me it happen every day. i buried my true love at this song.

emptines and longing | Reviewer: lein
    ------ About the song Need You Now performed by Lady Antebellum

i feel pain. and i feel empty when i heard tis song. its difcult when u want to be with sumone but u cudnt because ur too far from each other. but it is painfuly more difcult f he is in front of u,yet u feel dat u are teribly mising d person bec he makes u feel so distant.

amazing | Reviewer: ROSh
    ------ About the song Need You Now performed by Lady Antebellum

:) this song is great.... when i heard this song... i feel... msg her.... when i msged her.... she said i never wanna talk with u.... don't ever msg me.

on that time my heart said come'on you both are frends and you should talk with her.... :D

but thanks for this song.... if i never heard this.... me and my heart always thought we can b frends again.

beautiful | Reviewer: DAI rin-chan
    ------ About the song Just A Kiss performed by Lady Antebellum

This is probably my favorite love song, with the idea that "this is real love, so let's take it slow." So many love songs have a sexual part. This is one of a very few songs that focuses on that good feling you get from just being in love.

And, as always with Lady Antebellum, the harmony is just beautiful.

need you now | Reviewer: kassie
    ------ About the song Need You Now performed by Lady Antebellum

you guys are great I know typing a letter to you is not what i'm supposed yo do mabe but I just wanted you to know that your band is great I like the song need you now and American Honey my favorite country singer is Taylor Swift but when I heard you guys sing and the song even the music is fantastic you guys made me grow up more in my mind sorry if i'm saying to much well bye.

iloveyou! | Reviewer: booboo(:
    ------ About the song Need You Now performed by Lady Antebellum

htis sing makes me wanna cry everytime i listen to it. this is the way me and my boyfriend are when we fight. we wanna hold eachother but neither of us want to break first cause it always feels good to have your boy/girl friend come to you first and say I'm sorry and i love you. there's nights where i won't sleep cause we fought that night and neither of us said sorry. i can't go to bed mad at him cause you never know what might happen. i love him and this song just makes me love him more(:

I'd say thank you, but I'd be lying... (sarcasm) | Reviewer: Meg
    ------ About the song Need You Now performed by Lady Antebellum

The very first time I ever heard this song, I had tears rolling down my face and tonight was not exception. Tonight I had the luxary of finding out through my best friend that my ex and father of my kids, has been lying to me about seeing someone, yet let me pretty much crawl to him while drunk. So yeah, this song pretty much sums me up to a T. The song is so beautiful and seems to come from a place of pure hurt, which is exactly what I need when dealing with his bullcrap. :(

The amazing of Need You Now | Reviewer: ei thinzar naing
    ------ About the song Need You Now performed by Lady Antebellum

This song is so beautiful.I love this song very much and special thanks to Lady Antebellum for making this song.Every night I listen that song.I think how amazing it.That song shows me hurt,love and missing.That song is incredible.When I listen this song,teardrops were like a waterfall.It has such great song for me.Lady Antebellum,you have made me crazy.I love this song very much.

hello kitty song. | Reviewer: juliana
    ------ About the song Hello World performed by Lady Antebellum

i thic it is a very good song for the hello kitty fan and me and my friend tacambera love hello kitty she is so adrouble and so cute so stay the hello kitty you are because because thtat song is a hit.

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