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Lagwagon is a punk rock band based in the small town Goleta
located just outside Santa Barbara, California. They have
released 8 albums through Fat Wreck Chords (What about
leftovers was released through My Records), and lead singer
Joey Cape is also in punk rock cover band Me First & The
Gimme Gimmes and Bad Astronaut with whom he released two
albums. In 2004, Joey released a split acoustic album
(called Acoustic) together with No Use For A Name vocalist
Tony Sly, which features acoustic versions of songs by both
bands. Their latest More...

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Reviews about Lagwagon songs

Thank you, Music | Reviewer: Espen Abusdal
    ------ About the song Brown Eyed Girl performed by Lagwagon

This is from the one being' burnt in Acid by Reiten, caused the belief in being first.
Thank you everybody who likes to live(i was the first and the second and thirth and fourth soul, belonging to Super(at the second go Christopher Reeves used the elevation of Ainsteina, the Dwarf)) I was Eby, the Dwarfsnoken.
Brown eyed girl reminds me of Mama, the Trollshex, that has helped me at all time. Thank you Reo Speedwagon, for being such a Hero of the human-kind. All songs reminds me of You.

meaning | Reviewer: punkthrive
    ------ About the song Violins performed by Lagwagon

hes talking about is a girl he obviously loved and broke up with her. Now hes trying hard to forget her and let her go by intentionally being a creep and grasping for her heart. To back this up, thats what he means when he says "Into you like a mortal stake so vindictive" he got his revenge. =]

one change | Reviewer: will
    ------ About the song E Dagger performed by Lagwagon

only thing i saw on this that was wrong, and i only mean that the version i know is different, is the 5th set of lyrics. it reads,"cant you see that all we need is one night to release this bound to be the last in all of history?" The last line should read,"bound to be the last in all of his glory."

the best! | Reviewer: dr.shoe
    ------ About the song May 16th performed by Lagwagon

man,i swear this is one of the best songs by lagwagon that ive heard,they're an awsome band,this song gets me all hyped up and stuff,its just the best.

Patience | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Chemist performed by Lagwagon

Wait about 7 minutes at the end of Resolve...

...ahh isn't that better. I think that may have been the original actually.

Nice work | Reviewer: jeff
    ------ About the song Megan performed by Lagwagon

I really enjoy both lagwagon's version aswell as the original by smoking popes. Joey did a good job singing this one, his voice suits it well!

remington 700 rifle | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Rifle performed by Lagwagon

i,m thinking of buying a remington 700 LVSF IN 223 calibre
i would like to know the good and bad parts


Wicked good! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song May 16th performed by Lagwagon

One of the most anthemic songs I've ever heard. Even if you hate Lagwagon, listen to this song, it's amazing.

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