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The roots of Lamb of God were planted in 1990 when Mark
Morton, Chris Adler and John Campbell were floor mates at
Virginia Commonwealth University. The trio began playing at
Adler's house in Richmond weathering chilly conditions.
"There was no heat at the house," recalls Campbell. "We
would freeze our asses off, get really drunk and hang
around the kerosene heaters trying to write metal songs.
Kerosene fumes and Black Label beer were definitely what
fueled our early days."

After graduation, Morton moved to Chicago to pursue a More...

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Review about Lamb Of God songs
Have we not learnt | Reviewer: Ski
    ------ About the song Now You've Got Something To Die For performed by Lamb Of God

This whole song is entirely about the War in Iraq - much like the whole album 'Ashes of the Wake'. The part that haunts me the most in this whole song is the last verse.

"We'll never get out of this hole, until we've dug our own grave
And drag the rest down with us, the burning home of the brave"

The US got rid of Hussein after funding him during the Iran-Iraq war of the 80s, now after we leave the country in ruins after a 6 year occupation, ISIS come running out of Syria and start capturing parts of Northern Iraq, now the country is really in a crisis. The US government, comprised of corrupt politicians and war criminals will now send more young sons and daughters to a land half way across the world. More flags on coffins on the screens. More bombs to set the people tree. More war-debt, the only backing of the US petrodollar...

deception | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Laid To Rest performed by Lamb Of God

this is song is of evil. There's no way you can find the word "Fuck" or "Destroy yourself". Band may sound good and but it is deceiving. Evil has long walked the earth, be wise. Don't just read the bible, analyze it! For some copies are misleading and corrupted.

Clever | Reviewer: Debanjan
    ------ About the song One Gun performed by Lamb Of God

I listened to this song three years back and today suddenly on youtube i found it. This song is so fresh after all these years of listening metal still gives chill specially the ending. LOG always adress and focus on the impact on the society due to war,politics,injustice. how sometimes truth is made not uncovered. They try to point us towards what them nasty politicians are hiding in their sleeves. They still amaze me. Not to mention the high quality of technique members have in chosen instrument. Lot of people say metal does not make sense, well back in time they said similar things about theory of relativity or on great Jimmy. Everyone has different taste and they have the right to nurture it. And that's what makes human being unique.
Love from India.

dear the ignorant Reviewer: YouWantNamesAndAddresses | Reviewer: Phat Phat
    ------ About the song Ruin performed by Lamb Of God

Hi there Reviewer: YouWantNamesAndAddresses...Thanks for the laugh at your stupidity and ignorance. Its people like you that give metal heads a bad name. I urge you to even google the term "Immaculate Conception" a subject you boast to know so much about...the term itself it not about Jesus (be he real or myth) but his mother’s seem confused at the basic difference to that and virginal conception (Virgin Mary)...if you are going to get on your high horse please get your "facts" right. Don't offer your opinions on what the band do or don’t think about religion as you are not the individuals so your sheer speculation is based on perhaps something you may or read in our "factual" media publications. Also your comment about "Fact is Science" sounds like you’re a scientologist cult member either way the point that you BELIEVE that science is fact or Fact is science means you believe in something, even if it is a cult. At the end of the day people interpret songs and lyrics in different ways, that is what makes the world interesting. So if people look into the lyrics and see that what makes you right and them wrong?

not thrash. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Grace performed by Lamb Of God

One of the songs that i think how the h*ll did anyone get the idea for those bat-sh*t-crazy riffs? Awesome Song with really great lyrics, as LOG usually. One thing bothers me; please stop calling LOG thrash metal, its not. Its groove/ death metal.

bible freaks | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Walk With Me in Hell performed by Lamb Of God

This goes to all the bible freaks out ther......Did Jesus ask us to praise him??? He didn' why do all the religious believer praise him instead of praising the one who sent him.....Jesus himself told us in the bible...."Praise He(God) who sent me" all u religious believer think twice before teaching the others

fucking awsome | Reviewer: anonymous
    ------ About the song Descending performed by Lamb Of God

just like poetry which ever way we define these lyrics none of it is wrong yes it could be interpreted in a religious way and in a drug abusing way but overall this song is fucking awesome to many this song would probably get them all pumped up and crazy but I find it really soothing

this song is from the POV of judas iscariot(the betrayer) | Reviewer: Prateek Ramsey
    ------ About the song Descending performed by Lamb Of God

i think this song is from the point of view of judas iscariot.
"The river I'm bound to be found in,
A rope chosen bound for the hang
When I'm blinded I think I see everything
Convincing myself again"
judas hanged himself on a tree near a river after he realised that he had sinned.
"This God that I worship (A faded reflection)
This demon I blame (A flickering flame)
Conspire as one, exactly the same
It's exactly the same"
but all that he did was already preplanned by god, it was prophesised that judas will handle jesus to the romans for 30 pieces of silver. actually it was in god's will for judas to be a betrayer, and now as he knows about it he is thinking that the god he worshipped and the devil(satan) both were on the same side for this, he is taking it as a conspiracy against him.
"I shudder to think of the consequence
It's blasphemy simple and true
The tragic protagonist torments
Convincing myself again"
he is saying that whatever happened to him was a pure blasphemy against him by both god and devil, and now he has to suffer for this.
To never recover the pieces
To all that we've lost
Recover the pieces lost
The pieces to all we've lost"
and here he talks about the worlds end when god will come for the judgement day, and the sins he has already done which cannot be forgiven now.

Contractor song meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Contractor performed by Lamb Of God

This song is actually just straight up about killing for money, not your american government or army, I saw LoG on the 11th of august and Randy said it himself... a contractor as in contracted to kill "Someone has got to die Ours is not to reason why
Ours is but to do if the pay rate's right"

when they use the quran in the intro , they meant some thing negative ?!! | Reviewer: omar
    ------ About the song Laid To Rest performed by Lamb Of God

when they use the quran in the intro , they meant some thing negative ?!!
because guys i am a Muslim and i really want to know why lamb of god used the quran on the intro ?!!!!!!

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