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Ask Landon Pigg about his formative years and he’ll be the
first to tell you he escaped from the clutches of
normalcy. He tends to get a nosebleed more often than
most, but he likes it when life happens naturally, and for
him, it has seemed to flow that way from his very first day
– August 6th, 1983. Born in Nashville, TN, he moved to
Chicago as a child and it was there he learned to
appreciate that flow; to read and write and ride a bike,
and eventually, to have that bike stolen by a gang of
ruffians from the city along with other More...

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Review about Landon Pigg songs
A Few Words of Tribute to Landon Pigg | Reviewer: Maya Musicalis
    ------ About the song Take a Chance performed by Landon Pigg

As one who recognizes a great melody & good beat, if a song also reflects introspection and deeper meanings we can relate to, its value to me is enhanced indescribably and this artist hits on ALL of these qualities in this song! Lyrics in "Take a Chance" are engaging and appeal because we relate to the optimism; they spark our enthusiasm(!) and interest to discover the artist's full message. The magnetic melody & beat immediately appeal to our senses and combine with lyrical charm to heighten our experience. Landon Pigg's talent & artistry are conveyed thru both his music and his expressive delivery, with an ability to draw us and make us feel his energy and passion as he rocks us thru this meaningful and awesome song!

Nowhere close | Reviewer: Amanda
    ------ About the song Little Darlin' performed by Landon Pigg

I came here looking for a few words I was missing from this song.......these lyrics are nowhere close to the originals. I know for sure the lyrics to the chorus are

Little darlin, little darlin
Won't you let me, let me love
Love you like I
Like I want to, like I want to, little darlin
Cause you know I'm dyin to
Love you

"One of the best songs of our generation." | Reviewer: Maryam(':
    ------ About the song Little Darlin' performed by Landon Pigg

It is one of the best songs made during this generation. These days, all you hear is auto-tune. I mean, how will you know if there is any real talent? Landon is an amazing singer, and the music in this song is great. A very romantic, catchy song. This song is underrated!! :O
Please, check this song out on YouTube or get it on Itunes. You won't regret it.

lovely | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Trickery performed by Landon Pigg

sometimes people don't experience other types of music. they just stay inside their little bubble or rock, rap, country, etc, but once you hear this it's like freedom of the ears. Well, basically if you hear any of Landon Pigg's songs, they're the kind of songs you can listen to anytime. Experience life. Live life. Carpe Diem.

megan | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Can't Let Go performed by Landon Pigg

this song just perfect and really express what i feel
"it's not that our love died, just never really bloomed"
"and it might not make muche sense, to you or any of my friends"
"and i guess i felt okay about it, until you got with another man, and then i couldn't understand why it bothered me so"

a love song for someone close that never can be called mine but that person just leave memories that hard to forget, memories that last

Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop | Reviewer: Giner
    ------ About the song Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop performed by Landon Pigg

This song sucks ass! I hear it every f-ing 10 minutes on the stupid radio commercial! If I would have heard the whole song, maybe it would have been better, but the commercial ruined it! This is ridiculous! I'm gonna go slit my throat now.

I feel the same | Reviewer: elnoz
    ------ About the song Can't Let Go performed by Landon Pigg

There are times in life where you meet someone in wrong circumstances and their memory always stays with you. This song made me cry. I think the song is a heartbreaking beatiful closure to a love that died before it was born.

you can't lose what you never had
i don't undrestand why i feel sad.....

Love It! | Reviewer: Kid-O
    ------ About the song Can't Let Go performed by Landon Pigg

A perfect love song for a love that never was, but could've been. He's right about that part about making no sense. I love that part!

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