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Lee Dewyze Biography

Last updated: 11/24/2013 05:54:36 AM

Lee Dewyze-photo
Lee DeWyze is an American Idol champion!

He auditioned for season nine in Chicago and sung “Beautiful People” by Marilyn Mason. He hails from Mount Prospect, Illinois.

DeWyze specializes is strumming an acoustic guitar while singing. He's put out an album titled "Slumberland" and once said:

"I want a connection with my audience in the sense that any song I do reminds them of a specific moment in their lives - not mine. I want listeners to say 'Wow, he was there when that happened to me.'"

Way to go, Lee!

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My yoga instructor plays Breathing In and Open Your Eyes ...for weeks as soon as I heard your voice I could feel my body relax and sink with your soulful voice. I could visualize myself breathing in through the pain of the day...your music brings joy to my heart! [