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Cory Gunz Levels Lyrics

Last updated: 07/11/2013 09:11:30 PM

Slap is in this shit
Well this can't fuck with
So now you'll see the shit
I'm there on the block, throw ass dammers and dykers in this shit
No issue the clique, you know the mission is money
You fuck around with my niggas ' I put the clip in your tummy
Don't want no niggas, it's not about it, they hire me for nothing
I got a case that's still opened, I'll leave you right if you wanted
I said there's levels of this shit, there's pedals of this shit
you never seen a dozen with so many pedals in this shit
A rebel in a suit, I ain't here to settle for this shit
Fore I fuck up I'll rather put a pedal on my dick
You might leave X that turn yo wifey X
And while I'm due to BX I stretch like 3X
I call my papi G, too call me CG
Welcome back, come on tell BG you got a BMX and uh
Come to Philly with my DC niggas
Who ain't no nearly pro method, promethazine sippers.
Rollin along with the rider
But slide in high up the spot if I get the green, nigga
You don't want smoke
Tell these niggas just told these bitches I'm bad
Murder thought
I'm turning on this bitch nigga shit, matter of fact
Bar for bar, yall niggas is behind
Put your career in prison anytime
I'm on government
And I'm only running with
One rule, no sucka shit
Rob niggas in the public
Bet they eyes black blue
Your ass is facing who they fuckin with
It ain't militia, suck a dick to the trick
That always depends on the benches
Yo mother's mother, bitch
Never been too proud to beg
Seem too high from pride when I move out the back
I'm up 'cause sleep is a luxury I can't afford
If I ain't lookin tired then you ain't gotta be scared and I know you won't.