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Oj Da Juiceman Life On The Edge Lyrics

Last updated: 07/10/2013 07:11:43 PM

2 x Hook:
Live my life on the edge, p**sy nigga I will jump
Running to that body p**sy nigga gonna run
Bitchy use the trippin' , I was talk the human tongue
Ballin' crash nigga, ball crash bomb.

Juice what you're doing?
Standing in the kitchen
Scrape drop bitch, body other nigga wippin'
you should need to wrap nigga, I ain't grab a shit
let so many trap house ungrabbing the breeze,
you should ain't focus, girl what you're sayin'
I'm in the hood daily with my ..
Treat you one thousand that's all I mean to say
30 seal Z callin' .. the clean benz,
You should want some other shit, ..
Call me pall bunny 'cause the money upon the lumber
I'm a walking .. all I know it number
Like .. in your iPhone, all I like is combo

[2 x Hook:]

You should ain't scream, p**sy what you're sayin'
P**sy go to .. and their p**sy getting smashed
You should ain't no killer that's why I got a benz,
Bring life to nigga, getting whole crew wet,
You should real trap, my life trip the head,
Running to that .. I gotta get my bread,
You know play s*cker that ain't our plan,
Make a p**sy nigga make it on .. got the lay
Got the long block beatle, we was on the day
He was in the wheel chair but he was my best friend
Ever since they took, .. day I've been lurking,
Plan on my .. so they won't give me a mermaid

[2 x Hook:]

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