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Lil' Keke Lights Lyrics

Last updated: 02/26/2014 06:59:48 PM

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Ok, open up your eyes, I'm shining
Lights, she want the lights
She loves niggaz that glow man

[Tim Ned]
He got her in the dark, no daylight for a while
But since you brought it up, I could be your I could be your

[Lil' Keke]
Glow when the light shine, gleam like the bright sun
Dream with the young Don, promise I'm the right one
Picture perfect background, all the way from H-Town
King with a new crown, never ever lay down
Crazy, take her to the limit off top
With a thirty karat bracelet, and the same for the watch
7-13 baby, guess who the truth is
Pull out the driveway, new Benz roofless
Ke so ruthless, welcome to the life
When your world turn dark, baby I'ma get you right
Daytime night time, make her walk a straight line
Niggaz wanna hate now, I'ma make em break down
Call her Ms. Sunshine, physical fitness
Swag is ridiculous, put it in her kidneys
Showed up and showed out, baby I'm grinding
Stevie Wonder Ray Charles, lights sho' blinding

[Hook: Tim Ned & Tre V]
Lights (turn em off), lights (all of em)
Lights (shining), lights (see me)
Lights (too bright), lights (turn em off)
Lights, (haters wanna take it easy)
She goes crazy, she goes crazy
For the lights, for the lights
For the lights, for the lights
For the lights, for the lights

[Slim Thug]
All the-all the, all of the lights
It's Slim Thugger mo'fucker, and I'm so bright
You ain't never seen shine, with this much height
Your chick lose her mind, when I'm in sight
Right, don't trip let her choose a boss
It's hard to not like the flyest dude out the North
Cross a hundred karats, she thinking bout marriage
Ain't trying to have crumbs, don't wanna be average
She wanna rock the ring, from a king
At least five, wait a year then go up a size
Surprise, you fucking with a boss baby
My earrings, cost more than your house baby huh


[Lil' Keke]
Pull up with the beams on, still got the screens on
Pussy made theme song, got her whole mind gone
Tougher than I can be, bitches can't stand me
Riding like a mob nigga, this is my family
Everything real large, real niggaz take charge
Haters better come hard, looking for the right broad
See em from a distance, peep me from afar
From the battle to the war, from the stage to the car
Up high like a star, like I'm riding on a cloud
Got my ice so bright, got the music real loud
Haters I crush them, still saying fuck them
Rolling on the right rim, kill em when the lights dim
Now these hoes crazy, losing they mind
When the crowd in the front, I'ma pull up on time
Showed up and showed out, baby I'm grinding
Stevie Wonder Ray Charles, lights sho' blinding


Oh-ooooh, she want, she want
She want, yeeeah
Tre V do it baby yeah, Tre V do it baby yeah
Uh, she she she she she want
Phenomenon, phenomenon

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