Lil' Wayne Albums

  • Dedication 5 Album (9/1/2013)
    I'm Good
    Don't Kill
    New Slaves
    Typa Way
    You Song
    Aint Worried
    Before Tune Gets Back
    Live Life
    Way I'm Ballin
    Thinkin About You
    Still Got The Rock
    Fuckin Problem

  • Dedication 4 Album (9/3/2012)
    So Dedicated
    Same Damn Tune
    Cashed Out
    No Worries
    Get Smoked
    My Homies Still RMX
    Green Ranger
    Don't Like
    No Lie
    Wish You Would
    A Dedication

  • The Devil Inside Album (9/1/2012)
    Fortune Teller
    Yao Ming
    Ryde 4 Me
    Bang Bang Pow Pow
    Im A Boss (Remix)
    The Real Her
    All Aboard
    So Good
    Everything I Do
    Don't Love Me
    G'd Up
    Strange Clouds

  • I Am Not A Human Being II Album (6/8/2012)
    My Homies Still
    No Worries
    Rich As Fuck
    Days And Days
    Back To You
    Trigger Finger
    Beat The Shit
    Bitches Love Me
    God Bless Amerika
    Lay It Down
    Hot Revolver

  • Tha Carter IV Album (8/29/2011)
  • Sorry 4 The Wait Album (5/1/2011)
  • I Am Not A Human Being Album (10/12/2010)
  • Rebirth Album (2/2/2010)
  • No Ceilings Album (10/31/2009)
  • Yung Money Three Album (5/1/2009)
  • Dedication 3 Album (11/13/2008)
  • Tha Carter, Vol. 3 Album (6/10/2008)
  • The Drought Is Over 2 (Carter 3 Sessions) Album (6/8/2007)
  • Da Drought 3 Album (5/1/2007)
  • The Drought Is Over Part 4 Album (1/1/2007)
  • Like Father, Like Son Album (12/1/2006)
  • Dedication 2: Gangsta Grillz Album (10/10/2006)
  • Tha Carter, Vol. 2 Album (12/6/2005)
  • Tha Carter Album (6/29/2004)
  • 500 Degreez Album (7/5/2002)
  • Lights Out Album (12/5/2000)
  • Tha Block Is Hot Album (11/2/1999)

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    Reviews about Lil' Wayne albums
    view on tha carter vol.2 | Reviewer: Gev.D
        ------ About the album Tha Carter, Vol. 2 performed by Lil' Wayne

    guys,this is one album that came with a great spirit of inspiration and encouraging lyrics.when listening to this album,even at all i want to skip a track,my hand gets so heavy dat i cant skip a track till the last one plays because of either the lyrics,instrumentals or the love for the talent who is behind it which is weezy.

    done with human being | Reviewer: okuhle
        ------ About the album I Am Not A Human Being II performed by Lil' Wayne

    Life is so unfair sometimes just feel like I can fucken go to hell yeah that's what I'm feeling at this fucken moment!just thinking about ma lil boy with out his mom yeah yeah love u boy love u lil boy lil boy

    Good Music | Reviewer: Mohato Walter Hlasa
        ------ About the album I Am Not A Human Being II performed by Lil' Wayne

    Ey Wayne did it again,although i thought that some tracks like Dear Anne will be on I Am Not A Human Being II,but still,I Am Not A Human Being part I takes the crown on itz sibling,but the album is hot...n still Wayne did again,managed2produce a good album (as always),I rate this album 3stars....

    Da drought 3 | Reviewer: Lebogang sebetlele
        ------ About the album Da Drought 3 performed by Lil' Wayne

    Lil tunechi is ma hero i am his biggest fan and his songs are great and i love every song of lil wayne i wish i can met him tune your are my hero you are the reason why i like hip hop peace!!

    TO THUNDER? | Reviewer: Na''Marr Ramey
        ------ About the album I Am Not A Human Being II performed by Lil' Wayne

    LIL WAYNE's new album is the best album of this year... No one is able to create an album or mixtape like LIL WAYNE. His music is the music of 2013 and so on.. He and his team YMCMB got music in their hand. I wonder what type of music the team of Wayne is going to be creating can't wait to hear it.YMCMB GOT THE GAME NO WORRIES!!

    Revolve in a dream world.(skull of fready) | Reviewer: potter....
        ------ About the album I Am Not A Human Being II performed by Lil' Wayne

    good muziq is cooked nt made or let's cook the best and let us nt burn..creative thinking is wise thoughts,so let's throw that away n be lyk weezy,let's become CRITICAL THINKERS.....

    WTF? | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album I Am Not A Human Being II performed by Lil' Wayne

    When this album released, I was expecting some kick ass new awesome songs, but instead I find all these songs from 8 months ago that I already have on my ipod. But cool beans man keep it up.

    LIL WAYNE RAPS UNREFORMED! | Reviewer: makaveli jnr.
        ------ About the album I Am Not A Human Being performed by Lil' Wayne

    Imagine lil wayne in prison and stil releasin this hot album. .it shows his explicity and true king of hot lyrics. . .this is the true lil wayne and not the lil wayne in pops featuring album like down down by jay sean. . .indeed this guy is superHUMAN!

    the best | Reviewer: muhammad auwal
        ------ About the album The Leak performed by Lil' Wayne

    lil' wayne did his best in this album of his "the leak" most especially in his track "love me or hate me".lil' is the best of all when he once said "i am the best rapper alive" really lil' wayne is .a fan of his.muhammad auwal.

    It is wat it is...... | Reviewer: alfredo s. anderson aka malaci
        ------ About the album The Drought Is Over Part 4 performed by Lil' Wayne

    This lil nigga show these slow ass niggas that Loyalty can get you somewhere. Fuck all that flip-floppn'. Nigga it's purse first-ass last. Big upps from a real nigga Reppin The Nati. Much respect to you becuse I watched you evolved where most niggas can't get past the block they grew up on. Your music is for everybody. One

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