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There's no question about it. The Bayou is the birthplace
of the new hip-hop. Rap for the next millennium. And now
Blaxuede (pronounced Black Suede) comes out of New Orleans
spitting lyrics so hard they'll verbally slay any
contender, a flow so smooth it lulls a baby to sleep, and
beats so tight they make an Expedition hop. Blaxuede's
self-titled debut album IN STORES DECEMBER 14TH, on Avatar
Records, showcases a style that will make even rap veterans

"Bring Da Pain" is the first single of the LP's 17 cuts to
hit the streets. Featuring Lil' Wayne and Young Turk of the More...

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Review about Lil' Wayne songs
great thing wayne | Reviewer: legend K.I.D
    ------ About the song I Ain't Nervous performed by Lil' Wayne

Nigga you aint bad I respect that and I respect you ,dog I like your chit and u wish you could check mine and tell me how I do I liked raping just cause of you respect dog you great

how awsom lil wayn is | Reviewer: klarissa
    ------ About the song Duffle Bag Boy performed by Lil' Wayne

Damn lil wayn u b killin em..................u be dropin them beats lik da notin shit i feal u com in my hood indianaplos indiana cambrige commins oakhurst drive 5032 lets get fucked up

i love this song | Reviewer: mya
    ------ About the song Mirror performed by Lil' Wayne

mirror on the wall was sung by myfreinds john and zildjian they told me to look it up on youtube and i did.i looked up the music video and i diddnt know how to sing it.then i looked up the lyrics and memorized it in two days. by june i was singing it and it became my 4th favorite song right after one thing gotta be you and waht makes you beautiful all by one direction .but its my favorite song by little 2nd one is how to love!!!!!ihope you liked myreview <3<3;):)xD;p:p bye now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Realest Niggas in The Fucking Game Right Now | Reviewer: Bric Mayco
    ------ About the song Maybe She Will performed by Lil' Wayne

Love the hard drum line that pervades this smokey instrumental.. Its a perfect canvas for Weezy and Drake to tell their usual tales about screwing women as anologies to real life.

"I like my chick head south and her ass north"

"Karma is a bitch but just make sure that bitch is beautiful"

"I jump up on that dick and do a full split"

more at

lil wayne <3 | Reviewer: stacy
    ------ About the song Prom Queen performed by Lil' Wayne

well diss otherr songg ehss sick tuhh becuzz yahh yuhh realyy nevaa knoee howw evrythingg kann turnn aroundd ndd all yuh duhh inn yuhrr rappingg songss ehss say dahh truee ndd lykk ii sedd yuhhrr soo dopee haha evry111 thinkss datt yuhrr songss aree thaa shytt becuzz yuhh sayy dahh truee ndd watt happenss yuhh knoee ndd datss yy ii luvv yuhh haha

Knockout <3 | Reviewer: STACY
    ------ About the song Knockout performed by Lil' Wayne

wow datt ass sickk witt nickii minajj ii luvv yuhh ndd nicki haha noo homo butt dahh songg ehss dopee ii luvv all yuhrr songss ndd nici's damm watt kann ii sayy daree all dopee lykk nightmaress ovv dahh bottomm datt onee' ehss sickk' yuhrr ritee' noo oness outt daree obovee yuhhr beltt I LUVV YUHH <3

Got Money <3 | Reviewer: stacy
    ------ About the song Got Money performed by Lil' Wayne

diss wass anotherr ovv all yuhrr bombb ass songss diss 1 ehss bombb uhh sickk witt ehtt plzz lil waynee dntt retiree ahtt thaa agee ov 35 plzz yuhh soo fuckenn dopee evryy1 lovess yuhh well no1 lovess yuhh moree dann meehh ndd myy bff jaileenn butt ii luvv yuhh moree dann anyy gurll soo plzz dntt retiree yuhh thaa shytt lykk no1 hatess yuhh evryy1 lovess yuhh mee moree obviosly ii dntt evenn knoee howw tuhh spell orr myy dayss becuzz imm inn lovee witt yuhh I LUV YUH <3 WIT ALL MYY HEART #1 FAN

a softer side | Reviewer: molli
    ------ About the song How to love performed by Lil' Wayne

I think this song is so beautiful. it had such an impact on me the first time I heard it, I think mostly because it came from weezy. who's always been such a harda$$ in his songs but it seems he's tripped & fallen in love :))

great song | Reviewer: foxy
    ------ About the song Love Me Or Hate Me performed by Lil' Wayne

i like to consider this song as my theme song. I am a "G" till death. this song tells the truth of love and reality. I like how Wayne expresses the fact that he does not care what people think of him. All that he cares about is what he thinks about himself.

Suck Dick Like a Lollipop | Reviewer: Chris Lin
    ------ About the song Lollipop performed by Lil' Wayne

This song is about fellatio! WTF. A low class song to listen to while you're jerking off or f**king at the pimp's house. Yeah, call 'em to make it more juicy for ya while ya touch that girl's lump. LOL. Grossest song I'd ever listened to.

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