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Larry Santos Lovin' Woman Lyrics

Last updated: 08/19/2014 01:18:05 PM

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The way you look can drive a man crazy
Your knowing smile can get you great things
A kiss from you and my life gets hazy
You make a man forget there was ever anyone but you, but

Chorus 1:
I need a loving woman
Not just a thing for just one night
I need a loving woman
One that satisfies just one man

If I don't show I know you miss me
But one drink later you'll find someone new
And as you talk to him you'll touch him
And just like me
He'll never forget the things you do, but

Chorus 2:
I need a loving woman
Someone to trust and understand
I need a loving woman
One that satisfies just one man

I can understand your restless feelings
You'd do anything to not be lonely
But how can I believe I'd change you
Could you forget
There ever was anyone but me

Repeat Choruses 2 and 1

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