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Marit E. Larsen and Marion E. Raven listen intentlt through
their headphones as the playback of a just-completed vocal
track rolls on the mixing board. Happily ensconced at the
famed Atlantic Studios in New York City, the Norwegian teen
duo are in their element as they complete work on their
forthcoming Atlantic Records debut.

Marit and Marion have already spent a long
winter-into-spring turning musical dreams into recorded
reality with such producers as Matt Rowe (Spice Girls) and
Max Martin (Robyn, BSB).

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Review about M2M songs
Teddy iam better off without you :( | Reviewer: Doma Lepcha
    ------ About the song Pretty Boy performed by M2M

The song 'Pretty boy'...and it's lyrics is very much closed to my heart.The first romantic track i fell in love with for the first time in my life.It's flawless music everything about this song i love.The reason behind liking this song was as if the song was reflecting my feelings for him.It was those days when i was madly in love with my teddy.Our relationship was going through a hard phase the phase where the whole universe was conspiring to depart both of us from each other.Even after my hard efforts i was compelled to let him go from my life.It was then i had dedicated this song to him saying that the song exactly will convey u the lines which i would like to say u.I had saved his number also as 'Pretty boy' .The effect of this song on me was to this extend that i wrote a beautiful poem for him with the title consisting 'Pretty boy' and a gud bye message conveying within that poem.He said he was overwhelmed n got upset with the lines of my writing since i made it to read him before me.My pretty boy it's been a long time i have not seen u n heard your voice.But u know one thing no matter where i go what i do i do carry a part of u with me.I feel u all the time.When i step out of my home my eyes always get engaged in searching my pretty boy in the crowd just to have a one glance of your innocent face and it ends up with a disappointement.No matter how hard i try to skip from ua memories my day starts with your first thought and it ends up before sleeping only with your last thought.So see this way iam captured entirely with your love.I dont know where r u today with whom you r today.But one thing i surely know i still love u like crazy.Iam habittuated of missing u thinking of u.If u ever need me in your life just give me a call i promise u i will break all the rules of this world to b there with u.But even if aftr ua call i wont be there with u probably that will be the day of my life when i'll need need u....:( P.S i love u only my pretty boy my teddy bear cuz i never ever loved no one before like u.

first boyfriend jonrey | Reviewer: jenalyn "reijen"
    ------ About the song Pretty Boy performed by M2M

i heard this song when me and my boyfriend where together. start from that day i love this song......I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ....... JONREY
i am hoping that we will be together forever and ever.
you are the kindness person,loving,caring and responsible one that i meet.

i love you my pretty boy :* veru much !1 Just tell mo you love me too . | Reviewer: Haley Site
    ------ About the song Pretty Boy performed by M2M

heey !! .. i really love this song :( it really reminds me from my ex ... i know he loves me .. but it's very complicated !! hope you would be happy with your decision .. huhuhu ..!! my idolized: Akami Miki :)

i miss you so badly | Reviewer: Amanda Mandy
    ------ About the song Pretty Boy performed by M2M

this song remind me of my handsome ex boyfriend , . people dont know what we've been through together . those memories will be ever bare in my mind . i cant stop from loving you . you are my forever love . Always do my pretty boy :') . thanks for everything .

always remember him | Reviewer: anonymous
    ------ About the song The Day You Went Away performed by M2M

When i was in senior high school, i have a classmate. He is a cool boy. Some girl in my school like him. I don't know what happen with me. I always thinking of him. I was falling in love with him. He asked me, if one day he became a success guy, would me marry him. Honestly, in my deepest heart, i was very happy he said that. But until know, i never know, does him serious or not. I can never forget him. We never again comunicating each other. I really miss him. i want to meet him once again. And say to him, that i love him so much. I also hope he get his happyness. He is a good guy.

the unforgettable friend | Reviewer: nightstar
    ------ About the song The Day You Went Away performed by M2M

every time i listen to this song again i always remember that time when i was a student, at that time , having a man who loved me so much but he so shy, he has never said that "i love you",and i knew it.we worked together, in the free time we usually listen to the this song, i knew that he had been thinking of me but with me he can be only a best friend and now when i listening to 'the day you went away" i think of him again.

For mah luv.. | Reviewer: kriti
    ------ About the song Pretty Boy performed by M2M

i luv this song very much..whenevr i miss mah pretty boy..i always used to listend dis song..
i know he too luv me..but he doesnt have much time 4 me..but i dont care.. bcoz i luv u n can understand ur problem. ..i dedicated dis song 2 u anubhav...love uh mah swthrt...

anshuita | Reviewer: ashu
    ------ About the song Pretty Boy performed by M2M

like this song alut bt never luved a guy. i dunt like being in love n loved... doesn't appeal 2 me actually n dunt believe in suchthings.anyway best wishes 2 those who ever believes in luv.

Blahhh | Reviewer: Noah
    ------ About the song Pretty Boy performed by M2M

When i hear this song i cry and i think about my pretty boy. I really love this song.. My pretty boy and i just had a fight which i really don't want to do that but it happen :(

mah pretty boy | Reviewer: Sarea
    ------ About the song Pretty Boy performed by M2M

heyaaa mah pretty boy .......i luv u.... i really really do
i dun knw wen it happen....bt i want uhh u understand mah feelings
i always waitin foh a breakin heart....who nvr evr 'll dare 2 break mah swt n swt heart.......... i wanna b ur last luv ,,,befoh dis every1 told me dat u luv me bt i cudn't believ it,,wenever uhh dont told me dat uhh luv me.....i asked uhh 2 knw d truth bt u neither say YES nor NO,,,y i didnt understand dat whatever uhh did is foh me,,,,i took by mean of frndshp..
bt now i understand,, how much uhh luv me n i luv uhhh 2 mah dear pretty boy..................I LOVE YOU

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